New Blender Armature Messing Up?

CorgPlat.blend (697.3 KB)
UPlatformer.blend (592.0 KB)
I made an animated corgi model on the new Blender, and appended them to “CorgPlat” on UPBGE. Long story short, unlike the functioning “UPlatformer,” not only don’t the armature actions run, but the cube doesn’t move either. It just jumps. I even applied the same programming to a separate cube in CorgPlat, and it worked fine.

Is there a fix I can make to the armature, like some kind of “apply” feature? Even as I was working with the armature in UPBGE, even that seemed a bit glitchy. Thanks for your help!

I found one mistake, though it doesn’t affect the armature. I put the movement controls on the bones, instead of its parent collision box. Still can’t get the armature action to work, though. Thanks again!
Updated Game:
CorgPlat.blend (701.3 KB)

IT’S WORKING! Note to self: Place Armature Modifier above every other modifier.
CorgPlat.blend (773.5 KB)
I still have more to do, though, like hopefully get his body to tilt with the hill, as well as layering animations, but maybe I’ll bring that up in another topic. Thanks again!

You need make armature modificator in panel modificators in up position - because if armature modificator overlapping another modificator you animation not work in viewport and not work in game - always check this - and check parenting mesh model to armature. If you need run armature use actuator or script if armature assign right all work

Ah yes, put the Armature Modifier first. That’s what finally got it to work. Thanks.

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