New Blender artist

Hi . My name is Nkululeko. im fairly new to blender, but not so much to 3d . I had previously worked mostly in 3ds max, and thought I would blender a try. Well Im just here to get feedback on some blender works that ive been busy with. Im more of a hobbyist than a proffessional , seeing as how i dont have any qualifications in CG or 3D , or even graphic design. Ive just been winging it since i got out of College.

please have a look at the above link , and provide feedback if there is anyone interested in my works, or if you feel i could benefit from a critique .

Thanks for your time . laters.

For a low poly animation, it’s pretty impressive. My main concern about the animation is the creation of the grass. The size of the particles are way too big and a bit out control since they flowed over the streets.

thanks. with the grass, i was trying to fill the screen with as little strain on my render times . I like creating random scenes , so i think thats why the grass seems really out of place. I am planning to add roads between the buildings in the final scene. By the way, the low poly models are used because i generally like to export my scenes to a game engine.

I see. If you are still planning on using grass in a game engine, you may have to use transparent planes or low poly grass for realism. Just something to think about.