New blender blogs/channels in spasinh, french and english

Hello my friends,

Today I share with you this blogs about parts of blender that are not so obvious to solve but noone has taken the tima to explain or show a way to solve. And it comes in 3 languages.

In spanish:
In english:
In french:

All are the same but translated (mostly).

And also there is a youtube channel named
Hinting blender in which there are the tutorial in the 3 languages.

I hope you enjoy them.


Gracias por compartir.
Thanks for sharing .
Merci pour le partage.


It seems to be automatically translated… many errors.

hhahaha great answer. It ´s good to know someone out there find them useful.

By the by, any error you find, please point it out to me, either by this thread or by posting in the comments so I can take them out. hahaha I try my best to let the articles as correct as possible, but after a while the errors become invisible to me. So I would profit of fresher eyes to the article. And, I swear, most of the time is due to the fact that i write fast and blogger don´t catch up with me so it ends up vanishing some letters or changing stuff and I think it was written right. :smiley: hahaha. Either way, please tell me so I can correct them.


I just realized something. Maybe you are talking about the advanced mega rig video. That video actually does have an automatically translated subtitle track but there is another one I uploaded myself. :-D.

Vale, me voy a mirar tus tutoriales de nuevo. Y si puedo ayudar con el frances, lo haré.

Hey muchas gracias :-D. Se aprecia el apoyo.

Por cierto, aqui estan los vinculos al final para el segundo tutorial con varias pistas de subtitulos ;-).
Que tambien se encuentra en los respectivos blogs :-D.

Disfrutenlo :smiley:

Hey, thank you very much :-D. The help is appreciated.

By the way, here are the links at the end to the second tutorial with some subtitle tracks :wink:
Also available at the respective blogs. :smiley:


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