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Hi All!

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Some of you might have seen my tutorials about before - if not you can find them on my website and some on BlenderCookie too. Lately, along with the talented and patient folks at No Starch Press, I’ve been writing a book about creating art with Blender and GIMP. It covers everything from modeling to sculpting, through to textures, materials, lighting and rendering.

The three main projects covered in the book:

The book takes you through three different projects: a gruesome bat monster, a robotic spider, and an overgrown temple deep in the jungle. But this isn’t just a simple step by step tutorial. Whilst you can use the book that way, I chose each of the projects to provide a unique set of challenges, and I use the projects to help explain how to use GIMP and Blender in your own projects. The book is filled with examples from my other works too, as well as detailed descriptions of blenders tools, and guides to getting the most out of Blender and GIMP with your own custom UIs, Brushes and Materials.

Plus, the book comes with a DVD containing all of the project files and resources used in creating each of the projects, plus some extra goodies like brushes, mat-cap materials, textures, and sculpting alphas.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what’s covered in the book:

  • Introductions to Blender and GIMP for new users.
  • Working with reference images and concept art in Blender and GIMP.
  • Modeling, from blocking out basic forms, to creating complex meshes.
  • Sculpting both organic and hard-surface models.
  • Retopology to turn complex sculpts into simple models with good topology.
  • Creating hair and fur with Blender’s particle systems.
  • Baking textures (Ambient Occlusion, Displacement, Normals, Colours) from models.
  • Painting textures using both Blender and GIMP.
  • Creating materials for Blender Internal and Cycles renderers. Creating materials for BI with the Properties editor, and building up complex cycles shader with the Node editor.
  • Lighting, again with both Blender Internal and Cycles renderers.
  • Rendering and compositing the final scenes, adding post-processing effects with compositing nodes and adding final touch-ups in GIMP.

The book will be published in February/March. You can pre-order it now from Amazon, or from the No Starch Press website. I’d recommend the latter, as they ship worldwide, and you get a free E-Book edition of the book when you purchase the print edition. Plus when you use the coupon code PREORDER you get 30% off!

Blender Master Class on the No Starch Press store, with FREE E-BOOK version.

Blender Master Class on Amazon US

Blender Master Class on Amazon UK

It’s been a big project putting the book together, and I hope it’s resulted in something really useful. If you’ve enjoyed my tutorials, take a look!

Thanks to the Blender Community for being a fantastic bunch. I wouldn’t have learned enough to write such a book were it not for sites like BlenderArtists, and people like all of you.

Hey Ben, this looks great! I’ve been looking for more advanced training. If I follow the book, will I get the same, or close to the same results as in the images you posted? Also, is there any training you would recommend on more advanced sculpting techniques?

You should be able to get something similar. Whilst the book mostly uses the projects as examples of how to make your own projects, you can follow along with them too. Plus all of the source files are included along with the DVD, so you can examine how they work.

Good job! I’m a career Photoshop user so I’ll just translate from GIMP to PS…

congratulations on your book,looks real nice and informative.

It should all translate over pretty well. Just a different UI and shortcuts.

pre-ordered the book. look promising. There just to many how to get started with blender books. I hope your book doesn’t spend much time on the basics at all

This looks pretty interesting. I will probably by later on during the year I have too many unread books at the moment that I would like to get out of the way but this looks pretty good. Its nice to see a book aimed at more advanced users

Hi Ben,

The book looks fantastic! I’ve pre-ordered mine from


@larmannjan: The book caters for all levels. I start with an introductory chapter for those that are new to blender, before moving on to more advanced stuff.

@TM: Thanks!

@bmv: Thanks! I hope you enjoy it.

Hey Ben,

I, as well, ordered this book last week. I will give you props as I work my way through it… whenever it comes that is…


Hi Ben,

The book looks great! I pre-ordered it. I enjoyed your Greek Temple Tutorial on BC.


@B-RAe: Thanks! Hope you enjoy it.

@vapsman88: Cheers! Glad you liked the BC tutorial too. I’ve been meaning to do some more.

Just saw a tweet from Ton and it transpires that the book is now also available on the store! Go pre-order it there and support the blender foundation! … and also me…



Blender Master Class is currently 40% off for the week running up to its launch! Just buy the book from and use the code WILLITBLEND at the checkout. The discount can be used for both the physical and ebook editions of the book, and if you buy the physical book you get the ebook edition for free!

Thanks Ben. Grabbed an e-version.

Thanks to Ben for letting us know about the 40% off deal, I picked this up today in the print + e-book package. Now I just need to get the time to start reading the e-book, which links were sent shortly after I placed the order.

Thanks again Ben!

I also grabbed an e - version ,is there a download for example files sorry if I missed it?

I think the plan was to offer a torrent of the files for e-book puchasers. I’ll double check with my publisher and report back here.

How advanced is this book? Or is it more of an all-round manual?