New Blender Bug? Allign Camera to View

I’ve just discovered a quite useful (if it works) feature,
allign camera to view (Shift + Num 0 buttons)

It works somewhat fine with the “Space/View/allign to view” button


It works sporadically (on/off…sometimes work…but most doesn’t)
with the SHIFT + NUM 0 buttons.
Could many of you try it on your keyboards and report if the keycombination
actually works several times for you.

Also try loading various files (your work) and see if it still works.



the developers are already aware of this bug, I know this since I spend a lot of time in the coders irc channel…

Yeah, apparently it’s only a problem on Windows, which intercepts that key combination for its own use. Lukep has been looking at how to solve this problem at its core:

Ah ok,

I was starting to wonder if my wireless keyboard was to blame.
Thanks for the response.


i’ve never had problems with that - under XP and MAC. the only “bug” i know of is that IPO’s are not updated - you have to do that manually. bug report already submitted.