new blender build 2.43 #11


looks like someone has a little christmas gift for us…

Thanks Erwin, you rock :slight_smile:

Thanks poof!

This one might fix some Mac OS mouse-look problems. The following link has Blender 2.43 preview11 MacOS Intel version and Win32 binary. Also the physics 2.43 demos are updated to work with preview10 and later.

By the way, Charlie and me are still working on Ogre3d, and making it easier to create graphics effects like shaders without (python) programming. Also the constraints editing is an example of this. COLLADA support and other ways of exposing the data helps too (like the CS .blend file parser).

At the moment, it’s not possible to use the ‘EDIT:ADD Object’ actuator with their constraints yet (more work is needed and planned for 2.44…)

Happy Holidays!

will ORGE intergration make the game engine run better, i mean will it actually be possible to have dozens of fully riged characters and close to millions of polygons?

hey aweosme work man. im off to have fun with the physics, it will come in really handy for my game :smiley:

you mentioned that you and charlie are still working on OGRE3D intergration and creating shaders without python :eek: that would make blender totally complete for me, that would be awesome, terrific, splended :smiley:

will it be in for 2.43?

it wont be in for 2.43
maybe 2.44 or the next one…

More reason to be excited over 2.43.

I’m planning on waiting for 2.43 to come out this time. But keep going, I’d love to be able to put graphical effects in my games without python:)

That’s something I’m hoping. Now the limit it 40.000 faces and the game engine starts to drop his fps insanely, not matter if you build your own Level of Detail, culling or whatever python script, it’s just the max faces in 1 scene before the fps comes to 0, and that’s something which saddens me, it’s performance.

I really hope the renderer does it’s job when dealing with graphics and make the engine a lot more faster then it is now, so people can go crazy with it. Sure there’s always a limit, but right now we can’t even go over the limit with python scripts dealing with showing meshes or now, it doesn’t really matter and I hope with the Ogre integration it matters if you have LOD, Culling or whatever set up. I just can’t wait to go totally crazy with a official Ogre supported Blender version, it would have been the perfect Christmas present, but I can wait a little more. :slight_smile:

I used ogre with lod shaders ie… you have different resolution texture maps based on distance to camera… it seriously speeds things up… plus it has really good culling… I built a large enviroment… size of about 3km x 3km… motorway bridge with onramps and offramps… and traffic lights… plants, trees,railways and railway crossing, stop streets… traffic circles tons of different signs…etc etc… quite a lot of poly’s in the end… it was very fast even on slow graphics cards… of course didn’t use any glsl or shadows etc… plus it had a few physics cars driving around…

…of course everything was heavily optimised…as much as I had time for… but it ran way above 60 frames a second… so if it’s anything like that there will be some amazing creations made by all the bge heads! I seriously can’t wait to play with it I can find out the total poly count for the whole scene… but because of the culling it only renders what the camera see…

that’s why designing you models like lego blocks… as in peices that can snapped togethor helps speed up the culling. instead of having this large bit of road it’s actually repeating squares… so cutting up your levels base on a grid will have the same effect…

if you’re interested I could post a pic to give you an idea of what we should be able to do in blender soon?


I tried the OSX version, and it works great but sound does not seem to be working.

Furthermore, I got the following error:

blender(1089) malloc: *** error for object 0x8a5960: Non-aligned pointer being freed (2)
blender(1089) malloc: *** set a breakpoint in szone_error to debug

(I tried the windows version and the sound works without the above error.)

Don’t you mean “blended”? :smiley:

When Snailrose released a very early build of the OGRE intergration I tested to see how many faces it could handle it went around 40,000/50,000 faces and was still a good ways above 30 FPS. And that was on a GFX 5200 card. I now have a Geforce 7300 so it should be a bit speedier.:smiley:

i mean will it actually be possible to have dozens of fully riged characters and close to millions of polygons?

well every game engine has its limits, even with the ability to render a few thousand polys you will still need to use some sense with your design.

Ogre like any game engine will choke if you have too many textures in VRAM.

just go to the Ogre developer forums and look at some newbie projects, you will see that even Ogre can be over burdened, if things are not designed properly.

Lots of textures, Huge textures, Over use of specular and normal maps, animated meshes that are too dense, animated meshes with hundreds of keyframes, over use of animated textures, too many emitters, too many lights/ Light map too big.
all the above should be avoided.

guess all I am trying to say, is that Ogre will not solve bad design.

well anyways,
I really am excited too! I think the current rasterizer dates back to the late 1990’s.
it is very nice of Snailrose to do this for us.
the easy shader materials, and lightmaps are what i am looking forward to the most I think.