New Blender Community - schedule events

First I’d like to say, blender is a great program. Not only has it given us great art, but some friends on the forums here and there.

Now we see things come and go. We see a LOT of new projects formed and usually most of them fail, but some do work. So today I want to try to create a community for blender - and we’ll see where it goes?

Intentionally this site was created for Blender teachers in general to learn from each other on how to teach blender. But I think we can make it more than that. I have opened it up for members to join, schedule time and places to meet up for blender related meetings such as :
- Study Groups

  • Classes
  • Workstations
  • Conventions

Now why would someone even look at this or join this site? Well lets take the average blender person. Most of them are individuals who sit at a computer and are very secluded to using blender. At most they will reach out to someone on the forum for help.
What if though - You could just go to a site and check to see if there was a group in your area. Maybe a class. Maybe you could teach a class then form a group.

I think it’s time we can step away from the computer, give the fingers a rest and meet face to face. It might not work for some of the smaller towns but I’m sure for some bigger towns it could work out.

If you decide to join the site, I have different levels of administration

  • Admin : me…yeah I operate the site
  • Editor: Be able to schedule, and post about events and edit other posts about events,and be able to comment. Also includes a free email account
  • Author: Be able to schedule and post about events, and be able to comment.
  • Contributor: Be able to schedule events, and upon approval, post about an event and be able to comment.
  • Subscriber: Can make comments

(yes…it’s operated by wordpress)

So yeah, tell me what you think. If you would like something added, discuss it. If you want to join, just let me know. I’m already talking to a few people about events.

why techyfx? Was going to make it a company but decided to work on a community. if your wondering who the little Orange guy is his name is O-Tech…

I’ve seen a lot of enthusiasm in starting new Blender websites, and I love it! I think that sometimes it is hard to offer something new to the community that they can’t already get from a site that already exists, but it seems that this idea is pretty unique…

As far as the design of the site goes, though, I’d say that the header image you have at the top is actually quite large. I’m running at 1920x1200, and I still have to scroll down to see the footer. I’d think that you could scale down the image called banner.jpg and it would make the user experience a little better. But, hey, I’m picky.

Good luck!

I think the best way to teach new users how to use blender is to spam 3d Buzz’s web site after blender 2.5 comes out and urge them to make some video tutorials.

but your way is cool too.

I’ve got the image ready, just need to find a USB here at the office I can use and…yep I don’t have my ftp software on me so I have to use the sites FTP for now…give me a couple hours I might fix the image and heading size. Otherwise thanks for your interest.

Really glad you’re doing this…about two months ago when I started pondering a Seattle user group, I dug all over the internet looking for just such a site: a big hub to find close events, other local users, and resources for planning courses, lessons, panels, etc. Couldn’t find it at the time, but future group/event instigators will!

A few user groups and conferences had singular pages for their events, and at the least it’d be good to link to a bunch of those.

Once again, I’ll be getting Seattle info up shortly…I’m hoping I get something to gel sooner than later (calling AIS tomorrow, shooting for a saturday in the next 4 to 6 weeks), we’ll just do what we can, and if it’s not a ton of users or well organized the first time off then we’ll know what to fix for the next one. We’ll see where it goes, eh?

I think this kind of thing is what’s missing from Blender right now…Autodesk gets sponsored by huge corporate educational companies (such as, er, cough cough, AIS) and are an established part of infrastructure at old dug-in game companies, thus meaning an instant structure for providing face time and human interaction. Countless studies that I’m too lazy to link to have shown this kind of face time is the best form of learning, and what sinks in the most. But unless you’re kicking around the Blender Institute, extensive face time like that for Blender is hard to come by! When tutorials can’t cut it any more or you’ve reached the end of the tutorial ladder, this face time’s the next step in establishing Blender ninjas.

ogbog - With your message could you provide:

  • a choice of your email: example "[email protected]"
  • a password for it (I will be able to check the email remember, so don’t use something personal)
  • a email to forward the messages to - If you want. I recommend it so you don’t have to check it, and any mail to it goes to your normal email account.

After that could you join the site? That way I can give you editor access to post updates and have access to the calendar.

If you want someone else to run the Seattle group event info let me know.

Sounds, like an interesting project. I’ll keep an eye on it :wink:

This was attempted a few months ago by one of the Michigan Blender User Group members, LOTR Junkie. He registered the domain for set up forums for the groups he knew of. He posted about it here, but no one went to the other site. Now, it sits dormant.

Thanks for the update PhilBo. If you start anything up or hold meetings, let me know and I can hook you up with an event schedule on the site to let people know. It’s not much now, could be nothing later, but hey, - It’s an attempt at doing some unique.

Really? Another blender community website? You want to attenuate the information and users even more?

Alright here’s an update:

Have posted the times an location for the classes in Lincoln. I already have some students ready to go, and they said they wanted to form the Lincoln TechyFX Blender Community, so that’s good.

Getting information from the Seattle group soon from ogbog

Sent an email to the New York city blender group. Hopefully they’ll apply.

So yeah I recommend teaching a class if you want to form a group in your town. Get the people interested and then form a group with the class after that.

What we found out was this was the best hang out and way to get others to see the meetings. I think it’d be great if BA hosted a forum section for user groups. This is where most people go for Blender discussion. It just makes sense.

Yeah it would be nice, but I never saw it happening and I’m not sure if the admins would be up for setting that kind of thing up

Ogbog - thanks for joining the site. I gave you access to enter in information, updates and be able to post other things as well. If you still want that email for the group on the website let me know what you want it to be. I can hook you up with a free one

In other news I put in a Ipod touch plugin so when you view the page from your Ipod touch its easy to navigate.

I wanted to set up group in my town, but it’s so small and I’m not that great at blender, so that will have to wait. Great idea for a site anyway.

Thank you mcguinnessdr - If you ever do find some people let us know!

KC user group?

Jonathan and a few others on talked about setting up a KC user group, after the comments in the Apple store expo. I’m right down for that, but it seems communication via blendernation, well, it’s not exactly a message board. I know of three other users in my town (North of KC, in Saint Joseph) but I’m willing to place money on the bet that KC has a few more users roaming about and we’d be better off setting up a meeting event and schedule there.

Also, how odd I was about to start teaching 6 youngsters how to use blender.