New blender community website: Blender Education

Hello everyone,

Less than a week ago the Blender Education website has gone live. Blender Education is a community website about private tutoring, mentoring, coaching, support and education in Blender. There is no team for hire, but instead, Blender Education offers everyone the necessary tools. Anyone can become a coach on this website and put his/her services for hire. Also, anyone can become a student here. So, whether you want to learn or teach Blender, you should definitely check out the website.

Find out more in this video:

You can find the website at and you can stay up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblror Blogger.

If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Just leave a comment here, send us a mail through the contact page or find us on social media.

Absolutely true: the website is an empty canvas for you to start painting. So join the beta and fill it with your projects.

For those who want more information on what a project is, what the tools are that you will get access to on the website and how easy it is to become a coach, check out this video as well:

PS: we are still searching for both students and coaches. Just send us a message and you will be able to join as well.

Hello everyone,

I wanted to give you all an update on the current situation.

At this moment we have about a dozen beta testers standing ready to get started. The students have received access to the website, so we are all waiting for them to start up their wonderfull projects. Once some of them are up and running we will allow the coaches to join and everything can get started.
By the way, if you are interested and want to join, just send us an email, there is still plenty of room in the beta. Also, if you find a project interesting and want to coach it, just send us an email and we will connect you with the student.

Meanwhile there is also a lot of work being done behind the screens and a major update adding some new features to the website will be ready in a couple of weeks.

PS: Also check out our Blog where we will post interesting articles regarding Blender and education. Weekly you will also be able to find Teaching Blender to my girlfriend . You can find the blog at

After some very hard work behind the screens, Blender Education receives its first update. Automatic support for currencies and VAT, a brand new coaching log and much, much more.
You can read all about it at

wow, the site repeatedly crashes safari on my ipad2 :slight_smile: some nasty javascripts there I suppose…

My appologies for this. I don’t have an IPad, so I am not capable of testing it. I tested the website on IE8 & IE10, chrome, safari and firefox, but of course all on the desktop. For me they all work. I did borrow an IPad from someone else and indeed it chrased there as well. It seems to chrash the moment the RSS feeds are loaded and the carousel should start working. Indeed, all javascripts there. I used owl-carousel for this. I think this is just to heavy for the tablets. I will try to contact owl-carousel and see if they have similar cases or now a solution.

At this moment I just disabled the news section for Ipad. So you should be able to check our the rest of the website. Is there anyone with an android tablet or smartphone that could check out the website? Does it crash there as well?
I haven’t written a mobile version yet, so it will not look good, but my first goal would be to just not have it chrash :slight_smile:

Thanks to 2ndClemens to report this.

I have a A1 tablet, android made by Acer. I use it mainly for my mail and playing chess. So I can test the site on it
Also I would like to try to be a coach so where do I send a mail?

You can send a mail to: info at blendereducation dot com
(sorry for the strange notation, but otherwise I will get a lot of spam.)

You can also use the contact page on the website (if the website works of course)

I just tested the site on my Ai ACER tablet and it works great in both orientations. I can enlarge or shrink and view video…

Thanks I will do that

Works on ipad now, no more crashes! :slight_smile:

@2ncClemens: ok, thanks

Blender Education has the honor of welcoming its first project. In this project one of our students is searching for someone to help him with coding in Blender and posting information to the 3d viewport. Read more about it on the website:

If you think this project is perfect for you or if you want to join and start your own project, don’s hesitate and send us an email.