New Blender Console Feature for Blender 2.36

What do you all think of this as a new feature:

Basically it is that the console is in the bottom of the render screen and to veiw it all you have to do is press F11. Also I think that Blender should have a console output while rendering just like Yafray does…the reason for this is you can often determine what is slowing the render process down and perhaps eliminate it if you know what is causing it.

This idea arised from the fact that when i am blending i have about three programs open and several browser windows and the constant swtiching between virtual desktops to elimnate the need of seeing all three blender windows is annoying…this would save one and and two when not rendering!

The only problem i can see from this new thing is that closing the render screen would close blender…obviously you would have to get around this by maybe having a different way of storing the blender.exe without having the console needed to run blender.

SO what do you think? Developers and admins C&C appreciated! :wink:

It would be much easier just to dump renderinfo to the xterm you started blender with, or with windows the little “dosbox”.

wow Prince thats some good work, how long have you been coding it? and how long till you’ll be finished. cause i really hope that you’re not just posting usless feature requests without any plan to work on it yourself, just expecting the coders to do it all for you

hey you dissing the dosbox? LOL

Alltaken :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

that is a screen shot that i Blended! i don’t know any coding but if it means learning it to get this feature i will! just point me in the right directions and i’ll get it done - man of action not just words! :wink:

2.36 is almost in cvs-freeze

it is too late for new features

also, why have a scroll bar, and the stuff in addition to the render?

it is pretty obvious when it is actually drawing the screen and the progress on that part, but the progress calculating shadow maps, radiosity, other stuff isn’t as visible. it would be nice to have in the render window

you sure you don’t mean 2.35?

hence why this would be a 2.36 thing