New Blender Dude

Hello! I’m James!

For the last few months I have been learning animation and primarily using 3d MAX, though I didn’t like knowing I would have to drop more and more money on the latest version to keep up to date and ect. I tried Blender a while ago, but never did get used to the interface, hated it you could say :frowning:

It seemed daunting at first, but I did the basic tutorials at Blender underground this week and really began to love Blender, then I watched the little making of Elephants Dream and something clicked!

HOLY CRAP! they made an amazing short on open source! This has pumped my motivation to be a character animator to a new level!

The animation suite of the program is still a little complex for me, but in the next few days I will have the Learn Character Animation DVD from the store…

I have decided to go fully open source with my own projects and might be teaming up with some 3d people in my area to come up with our own shorts, and who knows maybe a whole open source studio! I would love to build some linux boxes and get blender on them!

So here is to Animation, Fellow Animators and Blender!! :cool:

I will post some work after I have ran through the DVD and get a better feel for the software!

heh, heh… me too.

I sort of learned by scrounging through youtube and some of the docs, though outdated. Since you bought a DVD, you’ll probably get a head start on learning, but who am I to know, I’m too cheap to spend a penny on such stuff.

Where are you on the learning curve so far? With the current interface, it sorta looks like f(x) = 8(√x). (As in, it starts out very steep. For me it did, anyway. 2.5 is supposed to make all those problems drift away…)

There’s some great new stuff coming to blender, so it just might catch up to closed-source (or whatever you call it) programs like 3ds max soon…

Right now I’ve got most of the basic interface down, and how to change it to my liking, to an extent… One thing I’m having a bit of trouble with is that I set my screen up perfect for animation, and set it as my default layout, though if I open someones rig, I get their setup and mine isn’t on the list. that is a bit backwards compared to programs like Photoshop, though maybe it is just a user error…

Im to the point where I can get a walk cycle blocked out but still trying to work with the timing panel and the curve editor, though it looks like the DVD will cover those pretty well. So far I love it, I was able to grab some of the Blender foundation rigs from the other DVD’s and I love the quality! way cleaner and better working rigs than I had in Max. The ducks from Elephants Dream are so simple and fun!

Well back to “Blending”

That is annoying isn’t it? In the file browser there is a button (Load UI). You want to disable it before loading someone else’s blend files. I have been wanting an option to choose its default state for a long time…

there’s an option when you open a .blend to load UI.
Make sure this is not pressed to load files into your UI layout.

Welcome on Board!

Wow! thanks for the tips, I can finally animate with my setup! haha, loving blender a little more everyday! I got my DVD early so I’m about to lay into it and get some learning done! I might throw a progress reel up here somewhere, thanks again for the help.