New Blender / engine tutorials

Hi all,

I taught a series of five workshops at this year’s Dragon*Con

in which we built a small scene from scratch. We covered sound creation, building textures, modeling, uv mapping, vertex painting, and the engine.

Because there was a lot of information to cover in just five hours, I produced a set of tutorials for Audacity, the Gimp, and Blender. They’re zipped up into three separate files and can be found here:

There’s bound to be typos and spots that aren’t perfectly clear (I’ve found a few), but you’re free to use and/or modify any of the included assets–there are some exceptions and they’re noted in each tutorial’s start.htm.

This is my first post and I’d like to thank everyone here–there’s no way I could have gotten this far with Blender or the engine without these forums!


thanks for sharing with everyone :smiley:

Thanks for this, I glanced through your tutorials and it’s preety usefull for beginners