New Blender Foundation DVDs!

I’ve always learned some great techniques and tips from the BF DVDs, I bet these will be no exception!

Ooh nice! :slight_smile:

1 Blenderella + Chaos and Evolution DVD ordered.

Now I’ll just have to happily camp out here until the new DVD’s done. :slight_smile:

goes to look for a good image of Black Friday best-buy campers

ordered David’s DVD would have ordered the character modeling one too but the lack of a chapter on sculpting was a bit of deal breaker but it still looks good might change my mind if I watch the trailer video or something.

a bit off topic but I will bring this up as much as I can because I really want this, would the Blender Foundation prod and beg Nathan to do a rigging DVD, the Mancandy one is kind of outdated. A rigging DVD by Nathan I would buy come hell or high water.

ooh these look really awesome. Angela has some sick skills and if the dvd is anything like the the tutorial on the sintel disks it must be good :smiley: Looking forward to these, though I’m a lil’ short on cash atm I’m definitely considering to buy 'm.

Already bought “Blenderella”


I’m really curious about. The artist has a long time work with Maya and XSI. Don’t understood why she elect Blender as her software of preference for modelling.
After trying some commercial modelling tools (Silo and Modo for all) I beloved was impossible turn back to Blender.
Please, this is not a insult and I don’t want start a sterile and immature software war. Objectively, some commercial software are more powerful, and when you take habit to its tolls is very difficult cage or turn back to blender (IMHO)

I’m still quite new to 3D modeling but I don’t think the modeling in blender is inadequate for modeling clean organic stuff.

I’m walking on eggs with my statement but from what I have learned in the past couple of months is that ngons are more a thing for more technical models. That will change when bmesh arrives which also results in better modeling tools.

You are right, ngon are more indicate (really need), and blender is really fast in some task, but modelling in silo or modo or xsi is more and more fast and efficient (IMHO). I’, doing more complex hardsurface then organic, so I’m not so comfortable in blender.
So, blender is not inadequate, is a bit slow compared to other, and I’m a little surprised an artist prefer modelling in blender (hard surface or not) after so many experience in other more efficient software. I will buy this traning DVD only for understood this point (nothing strange I’m the only stupid who cannot doing fast modelling in blender :slight_smile:

where can i get this tutorial? - One of the seven she did for the Sintel DVD is available for viewing here.