New Blender fourm

There is now a blender forum at the 3d buzz website,
Might be a good chance to expose more people to what blender is capibale of doing. :smiley:

Fellow elYsiuners, hark! We shalt hog all Blender users as long as we can! United we stand, or something…arrrrrgh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I was hoping we could get some 3d buzz members to come to visit elysiun. :smiley:

The guys who run this site also have a very entertaining live radio/tv show like about twice a week. The topics range from cg to humorus news stories from around the world. :smiley:

Here is the url to the radio download page
Enjoy :smiley:

Psst…the edit button allows you to “edit” your post. No need for multiple, annoying posts. :wink:

OOPS, sorry :expressionless: , thanks for the tip.