New Blender Game Examiner!

A couple days ago I was thinking. You know, we hardly ever get a CJ anymore, and when we do, it’s really short on game content. So I made my own page. You can go there, brag about your great game, and I’ll put a story about it in the next issue of the “Blender Game Examiner”.

Sound cool?

So, if you’re with me in my plan to make our own CJ, go to:

fraid it takes a little more work.

basically the best way to do it is for some hawk eyed person to watch the forums, chat rooms and recieve e-mails about games. Then put them together maybe every two weeks.

I remember in the good old days of the CJ, i’d come home every week on friday to download a new few games, and see Calli’s (respected/objective) opinion on mine if they were in there…

However if everyone posts their games on your site first, everyone can see the games that will be in the BGE when you release them…

It’s all about suspense :slight_smile:

how about featured… game in development…

(this excludes, well i’ve got a charater i can move about with the direction keys, and he’s going to be able to do…)


It also should have mini tutorials, there is a lack of game blender tutorials at this time. [!]

You’d have to be really dedicated to this, watch the forums everyday, stay in chat a lot, and finally put everything up really nicely.

I’ve only seen 1 game in the CJ, and it was mine. Is there a new one?


I’ll do my best.

Hey I’m on, going to start the biggest project I ever organised. Making website about game engine with Tutorials, free game sources, info and much more. The games made by my will be on my site and a link for blendergames But first I have to make a website, I’ve got already a liberary site for savinf files on it (angelfire) and the index will be on But I need first some good tutorial for navigation like the done on elysiun because that’s the only part where I have got some problems because my navigation is very bad. :frowning: