New Blender Icons!!!!!!!!!!!

I was bored… here’s what I did. I redid the logos. None of these are in any way owned by the blender foundation. All are from scratch (and photoshop ;))

The icons are in icns format. I believe only mac, if you send me a tutorial I’ll make a windows version.

The icns has icons in sizes: 512,256,128,64,32,16 (all hand scaled and tweaked for best quality)

To install in mac:

Right click blender > show package contents
Go to Contents > Resources
Copy your desired icon to this folder
Rename file “blender icon.icns” to “blender icon (original).icns”
Rename your new icon to “blender icon.icns”
Launch blender from the .app (not from dock)
Now that changes it’s icon! You may have to redrag blender to the dock for it to update.

Enjoy guys!!!

the red and black one is cool

Some info about the status of the blender logo.


I still think mine is better!
yours are slightly too thin :wink:

Hmmz, these could turn out practical:

Orange: official release
Black: current build from cvs
Red: Special optimised from graphicall
Purple: verse

Well what’s then with a current optimized verse SVN?

We’ll need a green icon?

They should get used for that! That’s why I posted them. I hope the blender foundation sees this post :wink:

I can make more, I have so much fun with vectors =)

I notice that the icons included with blender 2.5 builds have a 512 x 512 size, those with 2.49a were 128 x 128.


Mine are all 512, I can make them infinitely larger though.

Can I have some poster size ones?

nice! Can’t I just convert them into windows icon files? I’ll go do that :wink: I use linux more but it’d be cool to have one of these, good job!

Thanks! I dunno how hard it is to convert icns to icon files. I guess you could open up the icns and extract the 512 image and then create an icon from it. I dunno.


Can I have some poster size ones?

If you’re serious, I would send you some :wink:

Added new icon! [Blender is environmentally aware!]

512,256,128,640,320,160 pixels is a bit wider than my screen…

Come again?

threadous ressurectous!!!

Any other blender logo icons ? !!!

Well I just learnt ShnitzelKiller& -[Killer]- are infact not the same person. unless he`s having a conversation with himself.

I think this should be the new blender logo

Kilon: Tell me what you want and I’ll recolor one of mine :slight_smile: