New Blender Manual?

(Atariman) #1

I had an idea for a new Blender manual. Created by the Blender users. I thought it could be compiled with the latest Publisher Documentation and with tutorials by the blender users. Once compiled, the new manual could be placed on the Internet in PDF format. We could even place .blend source files for users to look at. Well, I just posted this to see what you the Blender community thought.

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(sten) #2

this post is posted in wrong forum, maybe in Q&A is better or Blender Foundation…not in WIP !!! :x

(basse) #3

actually, there is a forum for this in


(S68) #4

Yes, this


lots of people already at work :wink:


(Atariman) #5

Wow, I did not know that. Thank for the info, and sorry for any inconvenience.

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