New Blender material book

Hello everyone,

we would like to present our new Blenderbook “Materialgestaltung mit Blender”.

This book approaches to Users with knowledge of the basics in Blender. You should be experienced with the Interface and simple tasks of Modelling, Lighting and Rendering, as the focus is on nothing but the material system. Instead of general informations about all the context subjects of the material system such as UV-Mapping and particel, this book centers on the very subject of creating materials.

The images and graphics are coloured throughout the book and printed on art paper.

The image below shows an assortment of scenes and materials which are covered in the book.

Is it available as an ebook? I don’t need more paper to lug around :slight_smile:

the screenshot is quite nice, too bad this book comes in proximity of the long anticipaed shading overhaul

So, this book is in Germany only?

Too bad, that the shading refactor will be started in (I guess) a half year and until it is finished/stable it will be at least 1 year… So absolutely no argument for not getting this book!

I preordered it already and can’t wait to get my hands on it. Materials in Blender are not easy and I hope to get some nice insight with this book. :yes:


Is it available as an ebook?
Unfortunately no. The publisher is offering some books as E-book, but I have the impression, that E-books are not very well accepted in Germany. Only a minority buys E-books.

how long would that take you to translate? Maybe 3 weeks. And BAM. certainly a larger market than the German one alone. Don’t deprive potential English readers :slight_smile:


bummer to hear.

Yep! It probably will have at least 1 year of life forward (and even more considering the fact that one could also decide not to make the switch to newer shading-enhanced blender versions). But it’s too bad anyway, because blender materials and node materials are the way they are since a looong time, so the content of this book could have been useful for some years also backward! :wink:

Hi, I am Fliir aka Immanuel Guenther, the other author of the book.

Yes it would have been a good idea to write such a book even some years earlier. But also with the shading refactor coming within the next year, our book won´t lose its purpose. It was our aim, to write a book that helps with material creating far beyond the adjustings in Blender. The technical instructions are only a part of the book. Two other important issues are the analizing of surface and material effects in nature and man made environments and the knowledge about the difference between expectations of our seeing and what´s really there. So this book is also about the understanding of materials in a physical way and about the artistic way of analizing the environment. And these parts will also work with a new material system in Blender.
We hope, that our readers will also be able to create materials within other systems, when they adopt our method of understanding materials as their own. But that remains to be seen with the readers experience with our book and their feedback to us. We are really excited :slight_smile:

If it seels well in German, we are looking forward to translate it into English, but not without professional help by our publisher. We are not experienced enough with English, to do this within 3 weeks without a definite deficit of quality (“definite deficit” sounds good :D).

I can translate to english O.o

@ LetterRrip

I have talked with the publisher and he will offer a PDF Download. Unfortunatly we cannot (!) offer a Kindle format. The book is written in german, we hope that we will be able to offer an english version, but we cannot promise that it will happen.

nice idea of materials presentaion ) btw. thx for light theme link!

If this was in English i would had bought the thing right now.

can’t speak german, but congrats it looks like a great book

We hope that it will be possible to offer an english translation soon. Stay tuned !