New Blender nodes

I tryed out the blender nodes and yeah its a crumy test but i like it :stuck_out_tongue:

oh and Mosh is not my name its Steven just if you were wondering :smiley:

3d Max has gone of my life a year ago… I’m truly thinking that soon i’ll leave After effects… :wink:

Cool, man! if you make another tests, upload them!

he meschoyes

well in case Blender could offer some 2d compositing animation in the compositor
it would start to seriously replace basic functions which make after effects what it is.

we already have true and decent 3D :wink:

thanks man

i will soon but im really starting to think about making a Demo Reel, and i mean a good one, one that could possibly lead me to blender foundation one day

Hey that looks pretty cool. But hmm where did you get these nodes ? =.=;