NEW BLENDER ORGANIZER (forget about making folders, work faster)


(Blender Dumbass) #1

Organizing your movie project is hard. Folders are insane to make and each shot need like 10 of them.
Each character needs a folder with sub-folder of textures, renders, preview, references…



(bkjernisted) #2

Have not installed the organizer yet but thanks for your hard work.


(Looch) #3

DUDE!, fantastic, your interface needs a lot of improvement, but it seems that the functionality is all there!, really cool!

(ronald van vemden) #4

This looks brilliant ! I’m just a SI peep lurking in the Blender community, but this looks like something everyone could use for project management. I’m amazed nobody else came up with something like this before.

(tonton) #5

hey this looks great ! could be a great tool for indie film maker or little studios !
Do you accept suggestions about it or is it too early stages ?
And do you need any help on this project ? i can code some simple python or help with UI (i’m a graphist) if you want i would be thrilled to help with this useful project !

Thanks for your work ! cheers man !

(Blender Dumbass) #6

I’d like to know more about the complains. And IF YOU GUYS KNOW PROGRAMMING, please join the Github and do your own branches. This is how open-source developing works.

(Blender Dumbass) #7

The code is on github where you can make your branch. And then give me a pull request. I will review the changes, test your version and probably implement them if they are good enough.

All though you can write and send images of your designs here. Which will give me more ideas thank you.

(SHABA1) #8

Ubuntu only. Though he says it may work with other distros of linux

(Blender Dumbass) #9

I use a bunch of linux only code there… You need linux. On ubuntu you can pin it to the dash board, this is handy

(Blender Dumbass) #10

NEW UPDATE 15.09.2018

(abdoubouam) #11

Is it really necessary?
And pretty impressive work BTW! I’m very interested in using it for my work (not an animation, but I can still find it useful for big scenes)

(Blender Dumbass) #12

Well see…
I use a lot of xdg-open for every file that has to be opened in a different software. In linux this command just simply looks at what software assigned to what file format and opens it accordingly.
instead witting blender file.blend
or vlc videofile.mp4
or gimp picture.png

There is this RENDERING feature I made
What it does it’s opening a new subprocess.Popen() with in which it opens a blender -b code string

blender -b is a command you use to make blender NOT to open it’s window but load up at the background.

Then you can use -f to render a specific frame, or-P to open a script as soon as it’s running.

And then from the subprocess I can catch and parse the string that blender print’s out to terminal


This is what it looks in the terminal

This is how it looks when I parsed it

For this to work I need to make sure that output is not buffered. Not being released every X amount of characters / bites. (it does something like this automatically if there is no real terminal assigned to the process in linux to optimize the work)

so I do stdbuf -o0 before the code of blender -b
and it cancels the buffering

Also all paths are like /folder/folder/folder not like in windows \folder\folder\folder

AND I USE GTK FOR THE MAIN WINDOW DRAWING… Not easy to install this module on windows… I tried on my moms computer.

(abdoubouam) #13

for xdg-open : simply putting the filename in windows does pretty much the same thing.

(ignore the extra output, they’re from the plug-ins Hard-Ops and TexTools)

I see in your code that you used the os module, you can check with that which OS you’re running, and if necessary you can write platform-specific code.

I used Popen() before on both windows and on Raspbian and it didn’t require me to change anything in the code(except maybe add two lines, I don’t remember well). I didn’t check your code, but I don’t think it will be problematic.

As for GTK, I can see why it’s a problem. Maybe it can be bundled in a pre-compiled binary for each platform

Anyway, I’m a beginner, but I use windows on my main machine, I can try and help port and test it if I can

(Blender Dumbass) #14

I have no windows to test it… You can very much do this and pull it on the GIT to me.

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(Blender Dumbass) #16

NEW UPDATE [ MOVE YOUR TASKS in checklists ]

(bkjernisted) #17

Does this work in Microsoft Windows? Thanks

(Blender Dumbass) #18

probably not… But you can try making a version that works. I use a lot of linux terminal commands in it for various things And I don’t own windows to have a nessesaty of it running on windows.
But you can try to make a support for it in the git hub code editor and pull me a request to include your code

(sozap) #19

That’s an insane amount of work you’ve done here !
I’ve seen the first version long ago and now it seems much cleaner and complete.
These kind of tools are very hard to design , because there are always trade-of between functionalities, modularity and ease of use.

(Blender Dumbass) #20

Actually I don’t feel like struggling. There are some scary things like Checklist’s infinite subtasks idea. How do you get a percentage of everything like this? This is scary because you didn’t figure the algorithm out yet. But since you have it working somewhat. It’s easy to tweak it to usable thing. It’s like playing a game of solving a complex puzzle every time. Sometimes tho it’s easy to solve.