New Blender Publisher compilation service ... $ €

(Socinian) #1

Have any of Blender Publisher license owners set up a service where by we can send to you our .blend file and you send us back the .exe …
for a small fee?

My understanding of the license was that anyone could use the resulting files for any purpose, so long as you kept to the distribution limits of the license.

The limit is per compilation as well.

If one made a bug fix and recompiled the .blend, the new executable could be distributed to the limit of the license.

You, the Publisher license holder, would be the only ones with a copy of Publisher itself.

This would be like selling .exe programs compiled by Visual Studio.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Socinian :stuck_out_tongue:

(VelikM) #2

Such a service could be arranged. Some limitations; 1: By contractural agreement only, distribution limited to the licensing of the copy of Publisher the .exe was built on(possibility of upgrading the license if volume/sales supports it). 2: Distribution controlled by the owner of the License(for small volumes). 3: Originator of the .blend pays all fees/expenses up front. 4: Originator of the .blend supplies their own marketing and sales. 5: If some one wants a .exe of their own work for their personal use, a signed contractural agreement not to reproduce and sell the (see 2:) .exe.
I can supply .exe’s for OS X, Windows, and Linux.
You can E-mail me for more detail.