New Blender Tool (Window Skining)

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Hey everyone I know I have not posted here for some time now. I am building and almost done a new Blender tool towards the Game Engine called (Blender Skin). Here is a snap shot of the current tool in action:


  1. This tool will allow you to Skin the Game window (To anything you want.).

I will be uploading a couple more snap shots once I fix up a couple of more bugs and add new functions towards it. It will be able to work with any Blender Version.

This tool right now is about 65% done I will be adding more functions towards it. Like Drop down menu’s etc…

Please reply and throw some ideas here that might help me out and I will see if I am able to add them in the tool before I finish it.

For the users that enjoyed my last tool (Blender Re-Render) Version 3 is coming out soon! This up coming version will not only be able to edit your renders but also edit and add effects into your blender movie files. So something to look forward to.

Any who’s thank you for taking your time in reading this and hope to hear the the Blender Heads.

~ Thank you From Death

And : Remember Keep On Blendering Blender Heads !!! :cool:

Bump for the cool idea. I have a use for your tool already!

Hmm… does not seem like many Blender users would find this tool useful. :eek: ! lol

But Thank you mpan3 for showing interest in my up coming tool you should not be disappointed on the release hopefully ^_^. But I will be uploading a couple new snapshots tomorrow sometime in the afternoon. So far progress is going well and at a steady speed. I have also decided to release this Tool as Freeware to all you Blender Heads. Blender Re-Render V3.0 is coming out in 1 week from now. !

~ Thank you From Death to those who are reading this.

And : Remember Keep On Blendering Blender Heads !!! :cool:

wow , good tool …

This is a very (VERY) cool idea/project.

Some questions:

  1. Is it in Blender code or is an attached application that call BGE?
  2. Do you know how it affect the performance?
  3. Does it work with a .svg mask or bitmap? Alpha supported?

obs.: if you move it to another category it can have more attention.
I would suggest the Game Engine threads or the New/Discussion.

Are you planning to release it as a Freeware or GPL ?

to answer some of dfelinto’s question:

  1. it’s an app that wraps itself around the blenderplayer binary. the final result is 1 binary, with the blender binary embeded inside a wrapper exe. (thus, i would assume this is Win32 only)
  2. not sure
  3. probably bitmap. And no alpha blending support for 3D since this has to come from the OS on a much lower level.

Thanks mpan3 for answering his questions it saved me time ^_^.
As for dfelinto I agree on moving this thread but I will just make a new thread in the Game engine topics. I will post a link here once I get it uploaded. And I am releasing a Test version possibly later on today or tomorrow just to see how it does on other computers.
Well I must cut this short if I want to release the beta by today or try to at least :p. ^^.

~ Thank you for your interest From Death

And : Remember Keep On Blendering Blender Heads !!! :cool:

I am very sorry for posting this a tad past the date I promised but I had other stuff to finished that I was not able to get out of. Here is the new thread link to the Blender Skin (Beta) :


Please don’t post here no more but post in the new Thread. Thank you. And hope to hear from you.