New Blender Tutorial Online!

Hey guys!

I’ve created a tutorial for the most extreme newbies - something the Blender community seemed to be lacking. It shows the reader how to create and render a simple vase. I will create a sequel on how to texture the vase.

The tutorial can be found here:

Hope this helps someone :wink:

I’ll definitely take a look at it as I’m trying to go through lots of different tutorials.

By the way, the “If you already know how to do the basics and only want the tutorial click here” doesn’t seem to have a link associated with it.

This looks nice, but maybe you should also introduce the Front, Top, and Side views (Numpad 1, 7, and 3 respectively) rather than pressing 8 or 2 multiple times. Also, mentioning that holding Ctrl while Scaling, Moving, or Rotating will constrain the action might help (especially when creating the bottom, to make sure it’s exactly one point).

But it’s very decent of you to write a tutorial for beginners. Hope the texturing one is good too! :slight_smile:

Yes! It is! This is a big help for us (Newbies)
I did look on it and I have got one question:
You did build almost everything under pressed “render button” and just near end you have mentioned to press “edit mode button”, Could you please give some idea what it does(the pressing/or not pressing on this button)?