new blender ui

Hi – I am looking at the docs for the new beta version but either I am looking at the wrong ones or they are very incomplete.

For example, how do you split windows? The old right-click on the cursor as it hovers over the division between windows does not work for me.

Also, can you ‘slide’ keyframes along the timeline in the Dope Sheet? I want to move keyframes from frame 250 to 1000, for example.


All the questions you have about the new interface have been asked dozens of times over the last year so doing a forum search will yield plenty of answers.
To get you started:
To move keyframes have you tried G X or dragging with right mouse key? See the menu under Key / Transform

thanks, that’s a great page! it was a big help

Also might want to try the support sub-forums in the future instead of cluttering up ‘News & Discussion’.