New Blender/Unity Game Trailer

Hi Guys! I’m developing a 3D Unity game using Blender for all of the assets and animation. I just finished the first trailer with 99% of it produced in Blender (the video was edited in Sony Vegas).

The story:
“While seeking life on a distant planet, a skeptical astronaut discovers an abandoned Russian laboratory and suspects his mission is a hoax until a mysterious young woman saves him from a strange and deadly phenomenon…”

My hope with this game is to create a true action-adventure in the spirit of games like ICO and Another World…the visual graphics of the world are key to creating an immersive and exciting experience.

Appreciate your feedback and critiques. You can learn more about the game at

Nice work. The music is good too.

Wow! looks very cool looking forward to trying this :smiley:

From looking at this trailer it seems like the story is going to be very interesting. Do NOT mess up the ending!
if you can however, do work on the graphics a bit, but its good as it is now.
Animation is a bit choppy (the walk cycle), definately work on that.
But in the end get the story right
GJ, looking forward to this

very nice job

Interesting concept! like ddd said the walk cycle good job though, excited to see more

Great video. I hope the game turns out to be just as good.

Thanks for the compliments and crits, guys! Really appreciated!

Here’s a couple images of the main NPC in the game, the “mysterious woman.” She’s a WIP and has still got some rough edges—the armpits and clothes in particular. This is my first human model so I’m learning a LOT…I’m going for a somewhat stylized/animated look.

I think you’ve got something good going here. Her overall form looks really good, but you might consider moving her cheekbones up some. Stylized or no, you may want to look at some reference images. Cheekbones are typically even with the bridge of the nose, and having them so low does not look convincing.

Great job on the textures though, and like I said, the form looks really good!

ah, yeah…good catch! Amazing how easy it is to miss things when you stare at something long enough!

By the way, DDD, glad you mentioned story…I have spent a TON of time working on my plot. I devoured a book on screenwriting and then spent days and weeks building and refining the story outline. It is “just a game” but I think games–especially adventure games–have to have great stories underlying the gameplay.

Of course, gameplay has to be good so I’ll be working hard on that in the coming weeks/months. I bought a couple strategy guides to games I love including the PS2 epic “ICO.” I don’t expect to make a game that big/amazing, but if I can tease out just a little of what made the puzzles and stories great I figure I’ll be a leg up.

Are you doing the whole game by yourself? Do you have any experience in game development? Just curious.

I will likely do the majority of the development myself (everything you see in the trailer so far is me). I’m setting some definite restrictions on scope to make that possible. I do have some game dev experience, but nothing this big. Up 'till now I’ve done flash games and counter-strike maps (but one of those was quite popular!). This is by far my most ambitious project.

Very cool. I’m studying game design at Full Sail right this moment. Best of luck on your project! I hope to see more of your work soon.

OK, I tweaked the model and then…rigged her! Here’s a sample pose I rendered for a poster. The poster will be one of the perks for supporting the project through my upcoming Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

Thanks again for catching this. I moved the cheekbones up a bit and it did help:

Haha, actually that’s a dark image so hard to tell, so… “trust me” :wink:

Ok remove the horrible red colored font and replace it with something better. Also make it bigger and place it differently.
“Keep up, or Die!” or Keep up… or Die (remove the “with her”)
The pose looks a bit weird, experiment with different poses. I like the footsteps/concept of the poster.

Thanks for the feedback DDD. I’ll revisit that poster design before I have it printed.

Also, I’ve had a few people now comment on the walkcycle animation so I’ll definitely improve that as I work on the game. The nice thing about Unity is how it makes it easy to update animations/models on the fly…really has been a great workflow from Blender to Unity.

Thanks again guys! I really appreciate all the comments.

If you desire a little back-story, you may want to check out:

I think it looks great. My only thoughts were that sky in the beginning, the pale yellowish one would be enhanced greatly with a bit of variation (some kind of atmosphere? clouds? a sun? another planet? Just some suggestions, just something to break up the monotony.) But that’s all, your presentation was great.