New Blender Web Page

(LohnS) #1

well i am very new to html, have only been learning a little hwile, but i have always had basic knowledge. So i thought i’d take the leap to make my own site. Its still very bare, i’ll have more things up as they come, but for now its good just to have the site. Please tel me what you think of it (go easy though its my first site ever =P)

btw if you would like your link on the links page just post in, the more the merrier =D

thanx for your support, every1 at elysiun, you made me the blenderer i am today hugs every1 “its just so emotional” :wink:

(Jolly Gnome) #2

Don’t take this as too offensive, but the first thing I have to say about your pages (which I noticed the same second any tect appeared) is that the thext it WAY too dark. Try using lighter green so it’ll stand out of the bacground and is preferably brighter than the green/black-gradient bar there. 00ff00 should be enough :wink:

I haven’t seen the rest of the site yet, as it won’t load up the pages…

(CurtisS) #3

You are getting your information out to the masses…that is good. However, yes the text is too dark for that background and I feel the graphic banner at the top is way too big. Keep at it and it will get better (you should have seen my first site, it was pathetic… :slight_smile: )

I like the wallpaper image. That is really cool!

(macouno) #4

They’re both right. The banner takes up a lot of space and the text is real hard to read. It’s rather annoying that cause of the banner’s size you basicly have to scroll to get any data. Good start though!

(ectizen) #5

Hey NEO!

First, the typo:- in the <td…> tag in the menu, you’ve misspelt top (you have tp instead)

Second, the basic tips: - in the CONTACT ME menu item, you might want to insert in your double space between T and M - this should make the double space visible

  • for the HOME menu item link, use /foby/neosite/ instead of index.html - web browsers will act as though [wwwhatever]/foby/neosite/ and [wwwhatever]/foby/neosite/index.html were two different pages, so that if someone clicks on HOME, the browser will request a new page instead of using what it already has. Using the link I mentioned will result in a minutely faster browsing experience for your visitors, and a minute reduction in redundant internet traffic (both small things, but every bit helps :slight_smile: )

Finally, are you interested in writing good, standards-compliant HTML? Let me know if you are - I’ll help :slight_smile:

(0ptikz) #6

Hey Neo,

I really wanted to comment on your site but it aint possible, your server is way too slooooow…

It appears that the page loaded for the other guys (Hence their replies) but It’s a no go for me :frowning:

try stormpages instead, at least it is pretty fast.

(0ptikz) #7

Ahhh…The site works fine now, very good!

A couple of suggestions:

The banner image is probably to big (in terms of height). You could probably chop a hundred pixels off the height of the image and still get all the text in there…

Im not so sure if I like the snot green text but it’s prolly just a matter of opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Now you just need more pics :smiley:

PS: What is Blenderwars?

(blengine) #8

what screen resolution are u guys on, the ad banner is perfect sized
hmmm…and the text is perfectly readable…
hey neo, did u update your site before i just looked at it?
if so, it looks great! if not, it looks great! either way, your sites looking really nice

(shibbydude) #9

Hey, NEO. I like your front page. The matrix effect is very stylistic. As far as screen resolutions - I am using 1024x768 (which should be fairly common if your computer is not like a 386i) and the banner is the perfect size and the text is ok, not great but ok. I look forward to seeing your gallery. A great - and I emphasize GREAT - resource for all things HTML is This is where I learned most of my HTML and javascripting. I would like my link on your site. It is It may not be so great and my gallery is not awesome but I enjoy maintaining it. By the way; Acasto may not like me promoting his site, but he has very good web hosting at his site at That is where I am located, so he does a great job.

(bg3D) #10

Nice goin. Hey. Look! I’m on there too! cool!

(LohnS) #11

wow a whole lotta help, thanx a lot. OK lets see if i can go through all this stuff =)

Jolly Gnome: Yeah i can see what you mean, i’m one of those people who have their monitor nice and bright, i know a lot of people have it on a normal brightness, i guess i’m just not normal 8) . I’ll mess around soem more with it today and see if i can get a nice colour mix.

CurtisS, Macouno: I should put somewhere that it is reccomended for 1024X768, cause i would like to make it for the most popular screen res. The banner size was reccomended to me and i feel its ok, but i’ll definately mess around and see if i can make it a bit shorter. I found when i rendered that in blender it looked a bit tall. Thanx for the comments =D

ectizen: woo! thanx for the help, i didn’t even notice the weird non-spacing of the contact link, thanx for pointing that out.

[email protected]:

-Yup as said above i’ll get cracking on shortening the banner.

  • Snot green, c’mon man you gotta have it, its matrix themed =P

"PS: What is Blenderwars?: Blenderwars is a great blender site that has been around for a very long time, they specialise in freeware fan films and are heavily a part of blender. I do some tutorials there and am a MOD at the forum, at the moment its undergoing a huge face lift, its a very good site you should check it out…

imgrandpaboy: WOO! glad you liked the site =D

shibbydude: thanx for the comments and resources, a great help =D. Your site will be in the link section minutes after this post =).

bg3D: thanx man =D

(LohnS) #12

ok i fixed some things…

  • shortened it down vertically 50 pixels, and thats as far as i’m going =P

  • fixed up the non-space problem with contact me (thanx ectizen)

going to try and get the text looking good now.