new blender website to help development

hi im making a website for people to make to make addons game templates or scripts for blender but to give them an insensitive to do so i will sell the scripts and they get a good % of the profit if you guys like the idea send me some ideas for blender content and we will see if some one will make it the content will be cheap and sorry my grammar is bad if you want to sell your content on here you must have paypal so i can send you your earnings so help this site get big and we could posibly change blender completely and im still working on the site btw it isnt finished if u guys like the idea i will make a real website

Constructive criticism: I don’t think many people will be that inclined to put a that much work into something to sell and give you 40% of their profit. It may work, but unless you lower your commission, people probably won’t be that interested. You are basically only charging for distribution, and in that sense, you are even more greedy then Apple, they only take 30% :wink: (which is still way too much! 5-10% would be reasonable)

Another thing: people should have the option to choose the prices. There are addons that are very simple, I don’t think they are worth $25. Some of these should be between $1 and $5, with advanced addons going up as high as $20-$25.

those weren’t the final prices im still editing them but thanks for telling me they were to high xD

Constructive criticism #1: If you want people to trust you with their money, don’t apologize for having bad grammar, fix it – I personally wouldn’t do business with someone who’s too lazy to even use the shift key…

Constructive criticism #2: Why should people use your site instead of creating their own and/or selling their stuff without paying a middleman?

Constructive criticism #3: Who are you and what have you done for The Community that people would want to pay you for the privilege of selling the fruits of their labor?

Too harsh? Probably… but you need to do more than spend 10 minutes setting up a website to get people to start a business relationship with you.

im not done with it yet i just wanted get people wanting to make stuff for blender so we can make it better and if we sell there stuff they might want to sense they could make money off of it im just trying to help this inst for me its for blender

Much worse than the lack of capitalization is the lack of interpunctuation. Please, finish your sentences with a period!
If you don’t do that, what you write will be very annoying to read. It also makes it sound dumber than it really is. (To me, anyway)
Also, make sure that you’re able to differentiate between these words:

  • there, their, there and they’re
  • your and you’re
  • where, were and we’re
  • then and than
  • its and it’s
  • to and too

Getting these basic things right is crucial for doing business

derek, you might have the best intentions, but you need to realize that people won’t be inclined to cooperate unless you have something else to show for. What you’re basically asking for is for someone else to create content and give you a percentage, with no insurance whatsoever. The basic idea is fine, but as Uncle Entity pointed out, why would a content creater use a middle man (whom they probably never heard of before) when they could sell their content themselves?

Also, most content (most, not all) for Blender, such as add-ons, tutorials, models etc. are already free. What would your site offer that the other ones (Blender Cookie, Blender Guru, BlendSwap etc.) don’t already? You need to further think about the incentives.

I’d like to point out that no one’s being rude here, it’s just constructive criticism.

well i guess i wont do it :’(

No one’s saying you shouldn’t, we’re just saying you obviously haven’t thought this through. If you really want this to work, you should get back to the “drawing table” and start from scratch. Think about the following:

-What content would your site offer that others don’t?
-How would (or should) you charge for content that’s for the most part already free?
-Could you generate profit another way?

I’m sure there’s more, but it’s a start. And one last thing: Grammar.

at first i was just going to have a forum with projects that i needed done and i would pay them with my own money to make it but then i was like no i have no money lol so i had to have a way to get money and not loose it

Just in case anyone has missed my campaign
Please follow the following link as many times as possible, on that blog is a hitcounter and some important links that are aimed at either supporting development of blender or AMD OPENCL, as well as the most important link of all, the one with exclamation marks, which takes you onto the AMD issue report form…
once you please leave a comment that encourages other viewers of that website to follow pursuit.
Heres the link folks, use it as much as possible(as may have noticed there is no donation button or any adverts)

PS i am open to suggestions(constructive) as to how to improve this campaign



It sounds as though you are actually just interested in using

At first glance, your site looked like, a site that fills the niche for those that might want to start a big project but don’t have the help yet, nor even know if it’s a good idea to pursue. Your idea to make a web site that does this for blender-specific projects falls in to that category. Why limit it to blender? Is there a demand for such a thing? Sure there is. Hundreds of people submitted applications to work on Mango, and a lot of those folks did not make the cut. That means there are a lot of anxious animators out there.

Both of those sites could be great platforms for you. They might even be good places to learn about how to start a business. You’ll see a lot of people flop, and a lot of people make more money than you expected.

Speaking from experience, and resonating with what everyone else has responded with, definitely work on your words. Consider using the Yahoo! Style Guide:

Man! you guys are pretty harsh on this dude! All he wanted to know is what people think of the idea.
As for his grammar, i don’t think he’s a native English speaker. The criticism is unfair and bias because it assumes we are all native English speakers. The criticism is only fair if the final website contains poor grammar.

Dude, don’t be discouraged, i see what your trying to do and it will work if you take the criticism here and refine your idea. Initially, you may have to offer scripts for free until you build up enough clients or provide some scripts free while selling others.
Also, keep in mind you don’t want to share too much here because you don’t want people taking your idea and beating you to it. I can understand why you may not have fully explained your idea here.

You don’t know if it I’ll be successful unless you do it.

Anyway, take care!

( ‘It sounds as though you are actually just interested in using’ ) I don’t know about that either. FPS Creator tried that not too long ago and failed. And they’re a fairly large company. As for the grammar, maybe he’s just being lazy. However, it is annoying to try to read and distinguish sentences without punctuation, and I suspect no one will readily donate their resources because of it.

If you’re going to advertise your site (which they were) you probably want to take as much time to make it professional as you do the site itself – basic business sense which shouldn’t even need to be pointed out – even if you’re not a native English speaker.

Trying to attract people into a business relationship is a delicate matter…

TurboSquid or The3DStudio wannabe missing just people awareness and web traffic… :rolleyes:

So if I buy a script and it no longer works when the developers change the API, do I get a refund?

No offense dude but setting up a secure e-commerce website is easier that Python scripting any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

You may just want to consider taking the lead on a Scripting Tutorial website and sell video tutorials.

Blender Nerd and Blender Cookie and all the other Blender websites are great.

I may consider selling you a Python Scripting Tutorial but as far as selling scripts is concerned, that’s a whole different ballgame.


I take the above statement back. I just woke up and I am in a semi-grumpy mood. I spent all last night working on a complicated mesh and I need a cup of coffee.

Kudos to you.

However, Uncle Entity is right. You need to get cross your “t’s” and dot your “i’s” for the sake of integrity. Developers are attention to detail oriented and small details matter.

Whoa this was a long time ago. I looked at this and its just a bad idea, what do you guys think of a website like this but its all free and no money is involved just like blender :D… i am not a programmer i just want to see blender grow and peoples ideas be created

You can get free python scripts on Blender Swap.