New Blender website

(wiseman303) #1

I started working on this site monday. I just got it uploaded today.
Have a look, tell me what you think.

(0ptikz) #2

Hi Wiseman,

Great start to your site! It’s simple, easy to navigate and most importantly, Interesting.

You also made good use of the Terr2blend script and the only criticism I have is with the texturing of your dragon (Looks too smooth)

As I said, Great start :smiley:


(DAK) #3

I read your short tutorial and it seems to be wrong. I do not see point in moving cursor anywhere when removing doubles. All you need to do is select which ones and hit rem doubles.

(wiseman303) #4

OK, try this experiment:

Open blender and Create a plane. (If there isn’t one by default.)
Enter edit mode and subdivide the bottom edge.
Now select the new vertex and press ‘W’, choose ‘Remove Doubles’.
-GASP!- It’s still there!

Remove doubles takes away vertices that are taking up the same space as another vertex. So you have to move all your extra vertices to the same point in space as another vertex before remove doubles can get rid of them.

There are other ways to remove extra vertices, but this way gives you the most control.

(VelikM) #5

Nice work!

(LohnS) #6

great stuff

(S68) #7

Cool site!