New blog for visual effects training

Hi all,

Just wanted to spread the word about my new blog,

It’s all about training, tips, and tools for visual effects using only open-source and free software. It’s just getting started, but I have big plans for it. If it sound like something that interests you, please check it out!

Last night I posted my video presentation from the recent World Blender Meetup Day. In it I show off some of the latest smaller features added to the compositor since the Blender Conference back in October. I wasn’t sure how many people got to see it on WBMD, and wanted to make sure it got out there to as many people as possible.

Like I said, I have lots of big plans for the kind of stuff I want to do tutorials and courses on. I think it’s going to be fun, and I welcome feedback and ideas, so please feel free to interact there, as well.

Thanks for reading!


Thanks, I will be following your blog!