New book: 3D Scientific Visualization with Blender

A new book on using Blender for 3D visualization of scientific data has been published
by Morgan & Claypool publishers as part of the IOP Concise Physics series.
The book includes a website with a number of tutorials and demo files for different
kinds of 3D scenarios one might run across in the sciences. From the publisher:

3D Scientific Visualization with Blender
by Brian R. Kent, Ph.D.
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

This is the first book written on using Blender (an open source visualization suite widely used in the entertainment and gaming industries) for scientific visualization. It is a practical and interesting introduction to Blender for understanding key parts of 3D rendering and animation that pertain to the sciences via step-by-step guided tutorials. 3D Scientific Visualization with Blender takes you through an understanding of 3D graphics and modelling for different visualization scenarios in the physical sciences.


Book website:

Companion tutorials, videos and files: [


Thanks , :eyebrowlift2:

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

How does one gain access to the book, I can only see abstracts. I created an account and still cannot download/read your work.

Cool !!!

The publisher has started selling it through amazon in both the US and UK.
PDF tutorials and videos are also posted on the website.

According to Amazon my copy arrives tomorrow… I hope to look at it this weekend.