New book about Blender!

Hello!Oliver Saraja from Linuxgraphic and Blenderclan french forums have read a great book for all frenchies!the book talk about all the new fonctions of Blender 2.42 with picture and Blen training!

if you speak french you can order now! for more iinformation get it the official thread here
or here

Fonctions, fonctions, fonctions . . . sound so fwench to me


For more informations, here is the publisher link, with a general overview of the book.

Thank you Dems and Arduenn for forwarding the information here.

For those of you who can’t read french, here’s the google-translated content of the book:|en&hl=fr&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&prev=%2Flanguage_tools

Writing this book was real fun, but it was intended for Blender 2.40 at first. And then, keeping it up to date with 2.41 and then 2.42 while keeping the schedule was quite difficult, but overall we managed to find a schedule where the book is up to date with the current version of Blender. The CD-rom also features Elephants Dream, the Blender texture Disc and a compilation of all the Texture/Sequence plugins available to this day, plus Blender, Yafray and Python.

The book is clearly intended to newcomers to Blender, both coming from “other” packages and totally new with any 3D package. But the goal was also to keep it interesting enough for all seasoned Blender users who had difficulties reviewing/learning/using all the neat recent additions to Blender (nodes, fluid sim, soft/hard body sims, character animation…). Obviously, not every details are covered by this book, but all the topics have been covered, so the reader should have the basics for doing almost everything with Blender!

Ahh a Blender book by Olivier, this got to be great ! Congratulations !


I’ll have a look in the Fnac in Brussels tomorrow.
If the quality is at the level of your Linux Magazine articles, I’ll buy it for sure! (your softbody intro there really helped me a lot!)

I’m proud to announce that numerous extracts of the book (in fact, one by chapter, appendices included!) are available for download in the PDF format:

You now all can have a detailed idea of the content of the book, but don’t forget to check the summary:

Only the beginning of each chapter has been made available on the Web, but some chapters are more complete than the extracts: and for example.

Good reading, if you can read french! And if you can’t, you can browse anyway in order to get an idea of what effort has been put into the book!


So many Blender books coming out all of a sudden.

Good thing to see this will help Blender spread even faster then it is spreading now.:slight_smile:

Hi all,

I worked with Olivier on an article about his book:

Have fun,


Yup, the Fnac in Brussels had it. I’m now the pride owner of a good looking Blender book…
Too bad it’s French only…