New Boolean

That is not what I meant. My FR is about being able to “merge” 2 objects without any intersection calculations via a modifier.

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I think you should wait until we have geometry nodes. I imagine this will be possible with it and there’s no need to overcomplicate the boolean modifier.

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Sure, I already do this with Sverchok, just that the performance is no good with somewhat complicated meshes.

As far as i know, there is a basic intersection test to skip processing if objects are not intersecting, so may already work.


Any updates on a way to distinguish the various parts of geometry after a boolean?

Sorry, no update. I’ve been working on bugs before adding more features. And now that we’re in bcon3 (“bug fixing only”), I probably can’t do anything for 2.91.


I fixed a bug over the weekend - it should be in both the 2.91 beta and the 2.92 alpha builds now. It seems to have fixed some bugs reported in this thread, like in post 242 by @zoomzoom and post 258 by @masterxeon1001.


I can also confirm - the previous bug reported doesn’t seem to occur anymore.

Thanks for all your effort and contribution to blender!

Actually some exciting news to share - I have a big sheet of Aluminum plate at a factory being cut with a 4.5kw fiber laser into 1:10 scale model boat prototype right now. The design files were 100% using blender + newboolean code via python. It’s going to be TIG welded together. Will post a picture when finished if you guys interested to see.


Does this work for 2.83?

No, 2.91 is the first release that will contain the new booleans. It will not be back-ported to 2.83.

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Now new booleans are officially out, in the 2.91 release! Thank you to the people in this thread who helped me find bugs and make it better.
I have already made some speed improvements in master, to go into the 2.92 release. I think there is still more room to improve the performance in some places. I also expect a bit of a flood of bug reports, now that more users will be using it.


Thank you for your effort developing new booleans.
I’m not a huge user about boolens but actually, the last times I’ve used it, the results were really good than before!

Thank you again.