New born

Ha, I’m not sure if anybody reads my topics but well. I’ve made this scene really fast, because I wanted to test light settings from Julioras’s toppic. The biggest imperfection are window and people. And that for sure I have to change in future.

As i wrote, that is testing scene, and I never thought that will be published, so I was not really busy with modeling. I made only walls, fake window and bookshelf.

What Do you think about it ?



Anybody anything? Maybee someone could give me some advice how to make view from window more realistic?

Your scene seems to work (at least for testing purposes).

It’s clean and sharp.

I’m not very keen of the last image.

Also maybe the scene is too “contrasty” for my taste.

There’s a big problem in the picture frame on the left of the bookshelf.
(I suspect that you have extremely limited bounces for Transparency).

I don’t think I can give any advice as I’m investigating Archviz in Blender also.
(You can check some of my posts for my conclusions so far).

So, there is one problem. It’s TV:) So for sure it is not even close to realistic :slight_smile:
Thanks for your note. I’m going to check your work soon.

Mea Culpa.