New Bot in the Works - UPDATE Nov. 1/02

(BgDM) #1

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Some of you may remember my original robot that I was working on in this thread

Well, it was getting too complex and way too big in file size (3 MB blend file) and was a pain in the ass to work on on my slow comp. Therefore, it is now in the blender scrap heap.

So I have started a new, less complex and more streamlined version. An half hour of modelling this morning:

Let me know what you think thus far. I will have another update later today.

Hopefully I can get this to render in Lightflow once completed and have some nice reflections and such.


(sten) #2

Damn cool duuuuuude !!

nice start !!! :o

(halibut) #3

wow :o , you work really fast, that would take me about 3 weeks,

Is he gonna have a flashing mouth? :slight_smile:

  • halibut

(kaktuswasse) #4

yep,damn cool work BgDM!

cya henrik

(Goofster) #5

Looks like the dude from Babylon 5 :slight_smile:

pretty neat. but ehm…one point. 3 MB is pretty damn small for a blendfile. I’ve started a scene a week ago that’s 1.5 MB now (not packed). heck, when I first started I even made one that was 21 MB (don’t know how I did that though :slight_smile:


(theeth) #6

sleek design


(BgDM) #7

Thanks guys.

Goofster: I know that 3 Mb is not all that big. But I had way too many small complex parts in it and it was getting to be too much to work with. That’s all.

Update later today.


(BgDM) #8


Here is a slight update. Tweaked the mid section and started on upper arms.

Thanks for looking.


(Ecks) #9

really good!!! and you said you didn’t like sci-fi? uhmmm
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(S68) #10

Very cool…

Can’t wait to see it finished


(Bapsis) #11

Great stuff mate, from what i see here i think this will be some of your best bot works yet, and i’m not meching that up…(just 'cuz you liked that pun so much!!!) hehe :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!