New Bridge

This is my first real render.

I was asked to make it as a visual aid for the community where this bridge would be built. I’m very much an amateur at blender and this is my first project that can be described as something other than “goofing around”.

Let me know where I should improve it.



Well, you’re not too amateurish, these are pretty good. The main problem is that certain parts of the model are just about photo realistic, while others are very obviously modeled. For example, the grass, bushes, sidewalk, fence, bridge supports and water in the first photo are very good, while the bridge itself and the trees on the other side don’t look very real at all. Also, the stuff under the bridge is a different color in each photo. It’s red in the first, green in the second, and gray in the third.

These are looking good, I especially like the first one, I’m guessing the foreground is from a photo of the location. I would make sure to use shadows though, that would help it not look as flat, and the bright purple mountain night scene is a bit odd. Nice bridge model.