new built how to install ?

i got latest built yesterday and use 7zip to unzip
but it’s not working anymore!

how can i do the installation now with the latest built so it works normally!

any help appreciated !

thanks happy 2.5

what do you mean “it’s not working”?
you unzipped it and the executable won’t run?
maybe it’s a broken build, it happens sometimes.
did you get it from graphicall?
usually builds that come as a zipped file don’t need to be installed, just unzipped and run


well it’s the 6 times since last week that i;m trying to install new built and it does not work

like this 608 yesterday i thnk it did unzip and begin to run but then crashes

the other one like 545 last week did run but i did not get all the fields in blender screen most of them where missing
so not working again !

i’m on vista 32 bits

was there any changes cause i would like to what and i i ahve to do anything else to install the latest built

Thanks happy 2.5

nobody has had any problem using 7zip ?

still having problem with 629 on Vista 32B

i can unzip twice in same folder and then seem to give 120 MB
but it is working don’t know how !

unless there is another free unzip tht can work better!

any help appreciated

Thanks happy 2.5