New but no Newbie :)

Yo Jus wanna say LO to all u guys an introduce meself, Will prolly be postin some of my stuff here sometime if i ever get my scanner to work with windows XP(What a pile of shite that is :<) Allot of ur stuff is quite impressive hope u’ll like mine if i ever get to upload it, I like Manga and Anime (I know not another one, I’v bin into it for a few years now but it’s getting horribly fashionable:))myself an it show in me stuff, I also do more fine art but thats a whole new ball game :slight_smile:

BTW: my Avatar is my own work all be VERY rushed an nowhere near done(Like to do my shadin in d Oldschool way an Dither so it’s takin sometime :)) Im afraid i spent only 10min on it in MS paint… so its kinda sucky for the moment :wink: