New Camara

Hi everyone,

in 3ds max there is a camara that has two points one point is the camara the othere is were its looking, so if you move the camara it will just adjust to be looking at that same point but from a diffrint place that you moved the camara to, now if you understand what i just said you can see how much better this is to the normal camara in blender now i have been tring to find out how to do this in blender but i couldn’t find any thing so i just made my own and I am going to share it with all of you.:eyebrowlift:

so here it is one empty to control the cammera location and the othere for where it is to look to so just move the one that says “rotation” to the object that you want to face the camara to and the one that says “location” to where you want the camara

i have made a monkey in the middle of the screen with the camara try to put the “rotation” empty on it then move the “location” empty to move the camara where ever you want it.

please post any glitches or the like, feedback wanted.

now without furthore addoo here it is


amazing cammera.blend (173 KB)

This is a great one dude. Nice idea…

thanks i hope every one will get the uses for this:yes:

It’s one of the first things i do when I download a new blender. Make an empty to target the camera to, then save user default. You don’t need two empties for that. If you’re concerned about “glitches”, you have a bit of a messy window layout. If someone wants to use it, i can imagine the first thing they do is adjust the windows to something a little more useable.

thay can do what thay like with it its pretty easy to make its the idea im trying to spread.