new camera = photos

Just thought i would show some photos i took on the camera on my phone (1.2 mp)

please comment on what you think.


they came out nice for being a camera phone… but I don’t think that the “photo/photo/photo” was added by your phone…:)… but for overall quality they did well…


lol i added the ‘‘photo photo photo’’ lol just out of habit

hmm, what kind of a habit is that? they look horrible.


Is it some kind of watermarking?

Very nice images, exept from ur Photo thing. But thats a very good gulait of image, taken with a phone, What phone is that?

eeesh i put the watermark on in photoshop as a sort of anti copyin thing not that anyone would copy them but anyway. Its a motrola razr v3i the v3x has a 2 mp camera which is the new version.

do all your renders say “renderrenderrender” ? :wink:

nah, sorry just being mean here. can’t help it.