New Camera Switcher Add-on

Hi all,

I just finished doing a blocking / pre-vis animation for a 40 minute TV show using puppets. As part of that, we wanted to be able to check all the camera angles. Switching cameras in blender is a pain, so I wrote an add-on which makes things a lot simpler and faster.

is the url on the blender wiki.

I hope others find this useful.

What do you think?


is it good just for visualization or to render too?

I think it could be useful to use it also for rendering.

When you click ‘preview’, it jumps to that camera, so exactly the same as selecting the camera and pressing ‘Ctrl-Num-0’.

When you click ‘take’, it inserts a marker in the timeline which blender will cut to when playing back, or when rendering.

Nice! Your addon work similar like Camera Selector Addon, but you add group. It will be cool to see extra options: Create camera by view and add prefix for all selections camera. Thx!