New Canaan Residence

Recently I wanted to challenge myself on creating a believable surroundings for a house and finally try to make an exterior. It turned out quite well and taught me a lot of things about scene optimisation and compositing. Rendered in cycles with 500 samples for exterior parts and 1500 for interiors.
Please share your comments and critique. It really means a lot to me.
Link to the project on Arstation:

Original concept by Specht Harpman.



Quit posting photographs and saying it was done in Blender :p. Excellent work!

Excellent work! :smiley:
Can you post the glass material, the Background node setup and the particles system settings?

Thank you very much. It’s like the best compliment a 3D artist can get!

@Odilkhan Yakubov
Thanks, here’s the node setup for the glass material. Notice that it’s slightly green like the real glass but the color itself is not visible on the color ramp.

The background consists of models that I rendered separately and then added in the compositor using the alpha over node.
And when it comes to your last question, there were plenty of particle systems in this scene so I can’t really post all of them :slight_smile:

Excellent work!
as is real

Thank you, photorealism was my primary goal with this project since find it pretty difficult to achieve when it comes to exteriors.

It looks like this work got noticed and thanks to it my entire portfolio was featured on Blendernation. That’s really motivating!

love this thread! good job.

Thank you very much!

And as a bonus (I know I should’ve done this upon publishing the work :stuck_out_tongue: ), here’s the wireframe version of the thumbnail render:

The thumbnail did not do this justice at all. Wow.

Thanks! But yeah, I wasn’t sure what picture I should use as a thumbnail. Maybe I should’ve rendered another one?

Great renderings. How do you distribute the stones? Particle system? I do not see any mesh intersections of the stones. How did you achieve this without meshes intersecting each other?


They are a ready made model (for 3ds Max though so you’d need to convert it to obj and make materials in Cycles as I did). It’s a square object that you can array and every stone in it is a separate mesh. I think that you can achieve similar results with rigid body simulation if you want to. Or just use photoscanned texture, but of course it wouldn’t look as good as separate meshes.

Amazing job!

The shot with the palms in the background, the trees have a bit to much blue in them. The grass and bushes are much more colorful.

Very nice scene

Very good job. I often think it would be nice to have good scenes like for 3DSmax/C4D at Evermotion, but for Blender. This one definitely reach the required level of professionalism. What about selling it on Gumroad/Blendermarket/Blendercloud? It would be awesome for people to study archviz with Blender/Cycles.

Thank you all for your kind words!

Thanks, but there is a problem: copyright. I can’t resell models like Grass Essentials assets that I used there. Everything would have to be made from scratch to sell it which is very time consuming and probably nobody does that when they just want to make a nice scene.

Wow, good graphics and I wish my lawn looked like that too.

Why do you need 500 samples if I could do that with 3 (1 AA, 3 diffuse, 3 gloss, 3 trans, 48 sun)?

1600 ISO camera. 3*16=48, so 48 samples would have been 100 ISO. Of course I use branched and set 48 samples per AA for sun. Didn’t you?

I call hax.

But seriously this in the top 5 most realistic renders I’ve ever seen