New Car Project (Infinity FX 2009)

I start this project today.

WIP WIP WIP!!! Oura…

looking good so far. some wires would be nice. and It looks like that one of the vertices in middle needs to be moved a bit to the left so it lines up with the others.

I believe you are using a mirror modifier if so just enable clipping and drag it along the x until it lines up of course don’t forget to also line it along the Y axis as well.

Advance work :smiley:

good modeling skills i love this car.

Thanks Kramon! I love this car too

the sound reminds me AMG engines.


Apparently modelling looks really good! And also you work quite fast…

The base of car is ready. Let’s go to render!

looking great! can’t wait to see it textured!

First render (Blender + PSD for effect) but i forgot the mirrors on the the sides! :spin:

Infinity FX Studio Render

Blender cycles (1200 passes)

over contrasted.

Final render of this car project.

wheels are to black. :X

try this shader.