New car..

My dad’s thinking of getting a new car soon and, me being who I am, like to research expensive things endlessly to know what’s being bought. Unfortunately, I’m rather clueless when it comes to cars, but I’m looking for something w/ low fuel consumption and not too pricey, probably in the $25-30 000 CAD range, but also something that will last a long time. Oh yeah, and good acceleration would be nice too. Thanks!

get a stick shift

[I would consider the mazda 3 series [not owning one I can’t say much more]…I think that’s the one I mean… ]

manual transmissions usually get better gas mileage… and are more fun to drive, but they accelerate about as well as any comparable car.

[I like hatchbacks]

I agree with the manual transmission. Get a car that has one. They have great feul efficiency and can accelerate quite nicely. Go for a six speed if you can.

Maybe get the new Honda Civic. They just redesigned the Civic for the first time in a couple years, and it looks quite nice. Not to mention it will last forever. My dad has close to 200,000 miles on his old Civic and it is still going strong. I believe the new Civic has a six speed standard as well. So judging on what you are looking for, the Civic is what you should think about getting IMHO.

Hope that helps,


I’m one of those types who goes with older cars. Even if I could afford a newer car, I just don’t like them. They cost an absolute fortune to maintain what with their computer chips and everything.

If my car breaks down at the side of the road, it can be fixed most of the time in 5 minutes because I can see all the engine parts. In modern cars, things are so cramped up, it’s really hard to do anything.

The car I have now is an '87 Volkswagen Golf automatic. I agree acceleration is better on a manual car but mine does OK because it has a 1.6 litre engine. I bet the Americans laugh when we Brits talk about that like it’s something good when they’ve got 6 litre+ engines in most of their cars.

My car cost me £250 to buy and it gets me from one place to the next just as reliably if not more so than any modern car. What you should do is get a cheap car and use the spare cash to buy a really fast computer.

Wow, that’s pretty good going. Of course, with them being reliable, you can just buy one with 100,000 or so miles on the clock and you’ll still get a lot out of it.

I was quite lucky with my car because the owner didn’t use it that much so it only had 68,000 on the clock and I reckon I’ll get another 50,000 easy.

Thanks for the responses. Yeah, definitely stick-shift. Automatic is just too boring to drive, no offense oxrules ;). I’ll look more into the Civic. Anyone know how reliable the new Acuras are? My dad’s old '92 Integra has around 250 000 km on it and runs fine (albeit after a partial engine rebuild this year).

My wife (fiance) and I bought an '05 Mazda 3 almost a year ago and we couldn’t be happier with it. Although Mazda is actually owned by Ford, the Mazda 3 is one of the very few entry level cars actually manufactured in Japan. Other cars we considered were the Toyota Matrix and Honda Civic. I’ve seen the new Civic, and it looks like a nice car too. I’ve owned a Honda 4-wheeler and I currently own a 2001 Honda CBR sportbike. Let me say, I love Honda.

You will notice that I left out all the North American manufacturers. That’s because I wouldn’t even consider buying an actual Ford, Chrysler, or GM vehicle.

We bought brand new, but in retrospect, I think we would have been just as happy buying one that was two or three years old and still on factory warranty. This would have allowed us to save some money, but still have the peace of mind that comes with a new(er) car.

Well, hope this info helps, and if you have any questions on the Mazda 3, feel free to ask.

Ironically, the fuel efficiency of the Civic automatic is better than the standard. Maybe they use a CVT?

Also, when your computer hardware breaks down you don’t even have to worry about that stuff. You can just chuck it in the garbage and buy a new one.

But seriously that’s one of the things I consider a convenience of being an Electrical Engineer (in the future, just a student). With everything going electronic no one understands anything anymore.

You might want to check out the cars section of Consumer reports To get a better answer.

Only thing about driving Hondas is that it is required by law to say:

“Yo! V-Tec kicking in!” as you drive! :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously, go for manual gears. When an autobox goes it is a lot of money to replace. Besides manual is more fun (he says as a boring MPV driver)


Get a Mustang '68 Fastback. They rule. And yea, that’s my dream car… :smiley: Alghough you can’t really talk about low gas mileage on that monster!