New CG Masters Contest (with a twist!)


Hi everyone!

Over at CG Masters we’ve just launched quite a unique contest! Instead of ‘best artwork’, we have made a competition for the best video tutorial! Deadline is February 1st, 2013. More info below and via the main contest page…

In addition to the prizes below, all winners and honorable mentions will have their tutorials published on with full credit and a link to their website.

1st Place - $150 and all CG Masters DVDs (Character Creation Volumes 1 & 2, Car Creation, and Environment Creation)
2nd Place - $100 and two DVDs of your choice
3rd Place - $50 and one DVD of your choice
Honorable Mentions - Tutorial published on

There’s so many great artists here at BlenderArtists so if you have some cool technique or method you’d like to share with the community feel free to join in! If you have any questions just post below or as a comment on the contest page.

Thanks guys happy Blending!

I have 1 question…2 months ago I uploaded a video to Vimeo and today it still hasn’t finished processing (It’s only 15 secs long). What should I do if it doesn’t upload by the deadline? Can I upload it to YouTube?

Hey Nathan, I’m Chris from CG Masters. It sounds like a glitch on vimeo’s end, have you tried re-uploading that video? Video processing is usually pretty speedy so something messed up. If you have trouble uploading your tutorial when the time comes then post here or the contest page and we’ll figure something out. We’re going to stick with just vimeo for submissions, it’s much better for video tutorials. Most importantly there’s no ads and it offers the original files for download.

Yeah I did try that and it still didn’t work :frowning: I’ll try uploading a different video! I don’t know why I haven’t done this before.

I’m in and can’t wait. Just need an idea…

I’d check your size and format parameters, vimeo is quite strict on this… I avoid nowadays anyway because of this issue, even though you can circumvent by just meddling with the headers…

Just letting everyone knows there’s just 4 days left until the deadline, good luck!

Hi guys, there’s a lot of very cool stuff here! What a great idea this has been! Here’s a link to my entry -

I’ve posted it on your facebook but i’ve noticed my comment appears at the bottom of the others only when i’m logged in only with a default silhouette avatar, when i’m not logged into facebook i can see everyone elses comment but mine is no longer there so it’s possible you might not see it either.

Here’s mine:

The results are in guys, go check out the winners at !!

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