New CGChallange 'EON' open!

Looks pretty cool. Any Blender heads going to join? I might enter if I have the time and can get a good concept.

I have a feeling we are going to see some amazing art come out of this challage. If it’s anyware near what was produced for the Grand Space Opera, then I am very excited.


Are you sure you are willing to actualy read a book?

If so, are you ok?


Im not going to enter.

  1. I lack the book

  2. I lack the time

  3. I lack the skills

  4. Im scared.

I would like to enter, only problem being, do I have the motivation and umph to finish it?

So what exactly is the point of this book?

looks interesting…might make a really dodgy entry and bring shame to the name of blender yay!!

looks interesting…might make a really dodgy entry and bring shame to the name of blender yay!!

Atleast we’ll have something.

“You see that great peice of art?”


“That’s isn’t mine.”

lol, nice.

I have been considering it seriously though. There a lot of time there I can devote to it and it would be fun. Besides, I havent read a good sci-fi novel in a while!!


Yea, I was going to try and skimp by and just use their provided inspiration. I really don’t want to read the book. But I doubt I will have time to do it anyway; I just wanted to know if anyone else was thinking about it.

That would be like making a movie of The Hobbit without reading the book.

Yeah, reading the book or knowing a lot about it is a requirement for this project. I won’t participate as I am not sure I really have what it takes to fight with the big boys in such contests nor do I have the time to take another project (I’m kinda overloaded with things to do already)

But maybe next one…maybe next one…

OMG! I read that book a year ago and LOVED IT.

O_O This is amazing, the book certainly had very detailed descriptions of some stunning visuals and I know that there is a lot that can be done. The tunnel (for those that read the book will know what I’m talking about) is definitely an unlimitted (hehe) source of inspiration.

Even if you won’t enter the challenge, I highly recommend the Eon series.


EON, that’s the one with the endless chamber through time and space isn’t it? Kind of Rama on steroids. Ages since I read that but there will be the opportunity to produce some pretty breathtaking images from that book IIRC.

Might try it.


this one inspires me for some reason. I’ll look into it. If I come up with an idea. I’ll try myself at it :slight_smile:

I am most definitely going to try to enter this. I’m gonna get the book from the library Saturday, read it, and start the sketch concepts.

Here’s a little umph for ya. :slight_smile:

I say we try to get the more well known (well known because of skill not attitude or post count) modelers and animaters of this community to enter as a group. in the intrest of promoting blender. that and it would be kewl

Looks actually interesting but since University started again, I’m most likely not going to enter.

But instead, I’ll probably read the books sometime…looks pretty interesting. First comes Rama, though, still haven’t read that, but planned to do it for a while now…

How could I have missed an apparent “classic” by Greg Bear???!

I’ll definitely have to read the book, he’s a great writer. Wish I could manage something for the contest that wouldn’t be embarrassing but I probably won’t have enough time. :o Ah well.

Just read the back cover the of book and create an image or two from that :smiley:

Or does it have to be an animation? :frowning:

lol the money the aurthor will make on book sales will be more than the value of the prizes i estimate. but cool challenge none the less

Heh, good point Alltaken - marketing can take many forms. And if there’s prizes, so much the better :slight_smile:

Alltaken, except for the fact that the book is about 20 years old iirc, any money in it has already been made a long time ago hehe.