New chapters of HORUS, #12 and #13

(Shige) #1

Hi there,

I finished and uploaded 2 new chapters of HORUS, 12 and 13.
Please come to

I think final chapter will be #16 or #17, maybe.

– Shige :smiley:

(Bapsis) #2

Wow, very nice work. I really liked the ambiant music too, very good. Once you are finished with your Horus project you should definatly attempt something with charactor animation and dialouge, i bet you would do great at it, your sets and environments are just wicked!
Anywayz, look forward to seeing more when you get 'em up.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(basse) #3

ummm… couple of things from your non-flash site:

  • when you select laboratorio, and the links open to the frame below, you cannot scroll the that frame… so some of the link (last ones) dont show, if you are watching the pages in 1024x768 resolution…

  • when you click one movie, it’s still flash, and thus dont load on my system?


(Shige) #4

Thanks your comments.

This Non-Flash menu is not completed, sorry.
And movies are compressed by Sorenson Spark on Flash MX, so
you need flash player(plug-in).

(DAK) #5

Your flash was annoying. I ended up quitting before I could even get to your animations. Sorry.

(LohnS) #6

yeah i didn’t even know where i was going =S

is it ok if you just gave a link to the actual movie or sumthin, cause i don’t know much about flash and didn’t know where i was going

(Eric) #7

click the movie, wait 5min and it’s downloaded…it ain’t that hard.

(wavk) #8

Nobody’s waiting 5 minutes without knowing there’s something happening. Add a progress bar or post a ‘normal’ movie! I quit waiting too. It’s a shame, this way the movies won’t be watched.