New Char for "A Dragon Lovestory" introducing a complete production blog


As promised, here are more updates (last edited: 10.06.2011):

#The first one is rather important: It’s the introduction of our new homepage at []( It replaced the rather horrible and useless old design with a blog that offers TONs of informations and insights into
-FREE movie download(DVD images and mkv)
-“About A Dragon Lovestory”-About “Streifen -a galaxy of bliss-”
-The artist(s)
-About me
-A gallery (including two rather detailed WIP showcases)
-OST(Dragon Lovestory)


Updated: kyomotion has collected a few dedicated members.
-We are a TEAM right now!
-And this is what we do!

-…and much more
BTW: has been redirected and will get a new layout soon.

Now let’s get technically :RocknRoll:

#the second (attachment) is a speed-sculpt (meaning I spent less then aprox 70minutes of actual worktime with the sculpt so far) of “Taibu”, owner of the car cemetary.
-His hands and feet are not at all detailed (heck, not even structured!). I just don’t bother with that in Sculptris. There will be baking on the lions skin. He will be covered in fur.
Only his clothes do have a little detail for baking and I am trying to give him the look of someone who is used to hard labour and is wearing old jogging pants and a worn out leather jacket.
A very humble, still powerful fellow.

That’s it for now. I will report back while retpo’ing that guy.


PS: I want to thank you for the pretty cool feedback I’ve gotten so far. You guys rock! :cool:


A really great and awesome project. Keep it up !


And for -heavens sake- this magnet tool is one efficient bast#rd!:RocknRoll:

more to come…



Hah. Just a little while later and already head and torso :eek:

Had some other things to du but I also took the time to get a bit deeper into detail:


Happy easter hollyday!



Woah!. Glad you are using the workflow highway!

Think you need work over proportions a little bit more, torso may be wider on top (front view)

Pretty good work you have here.


You might be right about his torso and I will consider it. However, first I need to finish the retopo. I find such global changes much easier to apply in Blender then in Sculptris.:RocknRoll:

Finished torso, hips and legs. You might notice that I already changed the structure of his pants a little. Right now I am establishing meshflows for the shoulder area (selection). There is still loads of uneccesary detail in the torso. I’ll bother with that later.

Updated the “mission” link @ kyomotion.wordpress



got the guy pretty much completed. Now it’s about time to get rid of some topology (attachment).

Before I can start normalbaking tough I have to add hands and feed. :eyebrowlift2:


And here we go again!

I will just skip over the part of modelling his hands and feet. You will recon that he got them meanwhile. Please keep in mind that they will covered in fur and thus lack detail on purpose. However, I think I have to emphasize his toes a bit more. Fur or not.

UV unwrapping and a first render showing the appeal of the actual normalmap

What I am going to do next: A simple colormap for the clothes. Establishing his fur (I kinda expect a lot of trouble with that ) :ba:


Ahright! I forgot about his mouth, gums and teeth!

#on topic: UsuallyI sculpt a character with an open mouth before I retopo him. With Taibu I just wanted to try it vice versa. The aproach was to open his mouth in box modelling and extrude the interiors. As a result from the experience I had with Idag (The Tigress in “Streifen”) and Shilouete and Athena (“Dragon Lovestory”) I decided to NOT to extrude the teeth from the gums anymore. I know that, from the technical point of view, that’s the not the proper way. But I always found it very troublesome to do it like that. This time I will add them later and just stick them into the gums without actually ataching them to the mesh.

#collateral: I want to express my thanks to[B]@B-theawsomegeek.

Next step: Edit UV-layout, establishing particles.


Very cool. Will be fun to see this done.

Yes! But it will still take a “little while”… However I am writing lyrics for the lovesong already :wink:

On topic:
Had bad trouble with texture painting (still have). For some reason I can not find texturepainting is SLUGGISH like hell. Because I could not solve it I started with adding fur. Fur, also, is a bitch =)

Have a nice day!

BTW: Meet JW!



Sorry for the lag. Have a problem with my tooth… ouuuuchooouchouch. Family Chaos /eastern hollidays OMG.

I got a small request here (off topic, I know but I am desperate :P). Anyone ever had the problem of 2-sided polies where they should be one sided? That’s my current problem here. Can’t convert them back into one-sided (wich gives me the SH#TS whith texturepainting)

On topic: Anways, today I had the mood to get deeper into the fur-buisness. And it looks at least better then the last attempt (atachment)


what system are you using to do this work. i read your blog and see a lot of real work. how do you render.

2005 I started with NewTek Lightwave. And I was stuck to LW 8.5 until the very end of the production (September 2010) because I couldn’t get an update for sasquatch.

Look I am not too much into aplication-bashing and LW served me well. However -I do have many reasons- not using it anymore.

#Not on topic:
We have a new recruit!
We have a new category!
#On topic: Taibus fur WIP WIP WIP. It’s still very buggy and, I admit, I find it kinda tricky to set it up properly. But I am not very experienced in that field (yet). Tough comments are quite welcome.

PS: I am still recruiting :wink:


Progressing. Started to add texture to the eyes. “Shifting” the Heads shape in order to get a better “all over” expression with the actual shape of the fur.


This looks great so far. I’m looking forward to watching this progress.

The fur looks amazing so far, although it doesn’t seem to blend well in some parts.

Very true. I am still playing a lot with the actual controls and weightmaps. Yet my target is to make him “good enaugh” for the trailer/teaser and not being -overly- focused to small details. These can and should be fixed right in the production (with growing experience),

Schedule is a bit tight. I haven’t touched blenders animationssystem and the only one I am experienced with is the Lightwave-system. So I want to save a bit time in modelling and spend it on animations and nodeeditor. I really want to have the teaser to be ready for Blenderconferende 2011 in Amsterdam :RocknRoll:

Geez… I can’t believe I am -still- working on that FUR!!!

But I can apologize a bit: More family chaos (relatives) and got that #(/%!(`%! tooth extracted. Ouchieouchieouch.

About the ongoing project: I introduced Dominik the score composer (including downloads).

Also the new recruit “Dunsti” seems to be very industrious ( Fast. Decent. I just love that attitude. However…

#I am still recruiting and it seems we could use a volunteer texture artist to pimp these buildings a bit :RocknRoll:

On topic: I admit the amount of control blender gives with combing and shaving is overwhelming! However it is -still- a complicated and wiggly thing to set up and I stll… don’t think that I totally understood what I am doing. However I figured out a way how to use the “Smooth” tool in an quite useful manner.

“Taibu” still suffers a lot from fur confuion right under his chin and neck. And yet I have not been able to solve that properly. Also I am still not sure if I will stick the the “tangent shading”. One of the things I loved so much about blender fur was it’s power- and colorful appeal in it’s “natural” setup. We will seeblablahadaddayaddah.

Sorry that it still that old grey face again. he has changed tough. Anyway: If you consider that kind of posting as spam please let me know okay?

Hi Peeps!

Sorry for being abscent -that- long. But there are several news:

#I wrote llyrics for a lovesong (Offspring of the sun) go and listen YEAH!
I am so proud about that piece
#Almost skipped all fur out of the movie (Fur made me FREAKOUT!!!:eek:I can tell you that)
#Got two new Teamster! Coolies :RocknRoll:

#On topic:
First of all: I hope that’s the last post concerning exclusively with the fur BS! Yet I am still not totally happy with it but so far it’s the best thing I could do. SRSLY, I considered to not render fur at all. Was quite Poe’d in the meantime…
Don’t get me wrong. Hair and fur interface of blender is quite convenient and natural. It’s more an artistic/approach problem I got here. Being used to lightwave and the rather cryptic “sasquatch” does not make things easier.
However there is ONE thing sasquatch could do and blander can not. Sasquatch-fur coud be arranged -per default- in such an order that it covered the body in a flow. Blenderfur sticks out like cactus needles. And, so, needs sh#tloads of tweaking.


Anyway. I added a few screenshots for your convenience. Next thing I am gonna do: texturepainting (at long last) and fixing his proportions (and fedora is yet highly experimental :wink:

and BTW:
Textureartists (architecture), infomining, character animation


…and there we go for today. You will recognize that I am tweaking the proportions by now and that I start to get along with the actual shading. Yet, someine told me he loooks like a “worgon” from a blizzard-game. I am sorry for that if this is the case. That was not my purpose.

“Getting along with shading” does not mean it is actually good in any way. Yet I still have tons of trouble finding a nice setup. Sometimes the fur is way to bright and on other occasions way to dark. Still lot’s of tweaking ahead. OMG.