New Character Chamfro Molding/Animation/skinning all in Blender

see my New Character Chamfro
Molding/Animation/Skin etc. all done in Blender. For JPG I used Gimp.

Don’t forget to see a little clip less then 1 mb to see the eye blink.
I want your valuable openion.

more closeup image

well… it’s a good start. but you need way more action in there. hands/legs and head is not really moving, it’s all very rigid looking…

texturing looks alright too, maybe try to cut down the specularity to make them less plastic like… but i think the bigger problem is lighting. you have no light coming from below the models…

and shadows are very sharp… is that raytracing you have?
if so, turn it off and add some softer spots.
one on the back of the models, couple on front… and one below so you get that light bouncing from ground…


thanks for suggestions. I will put some light below and put off ray…
can you please guide me that whenever I move my character for from the camera, the shartpness of the images goes.
I was rendering daz characters in Daz studio, there the shartpness don’t go away?.
When I remove OSA the shaprtness comes, but the lines are not smooth. I use OSA 5 ?