New Character (chibi-ish game char nude)

Well I’m going to try another character
Goals, hope to impove working details into the texture and develop more contrast in the skin skin and clothing. Make sure my mesh is how I want it exactly don’t wont to get stuck changing mesh and texture over and over.

Here is my concept.


progress shot let me know what you think or if you see some issues thanks


I like the look. The poly-count is pretty low so that’s a good start.

If the goal is animation then the loop structure, especially around the mouth, needs work.

I’m shooting for game 3.5k polys but I wanted to try and setup up low poly animations with this attempt. And I really have no idea what will be absolutely necessary. But i’ll throw in a loop around the mouth it will likely make a big difference…

The animations that I want to try for are mouth motions, blinking, eye movement, and some light expression changes. Also AndyD, I was wondering what type of issues if any do you get when using triangles for the last portion of the lip. Or do you have a work around.


It is possible to never use a single triangle in a head mesh. Probably in any mesh for that matter.

Hey I should comment on your mesh - I like your stylish approach =) and nice execution too btw

Well I’ve almost got the body done nothing is attached yet so still have some tweaking left to do.

Its great not really having to worry about proportions. Draw a pic , things look good enouh your set to model.