New Character- Draco update 12/12

Here’s a new character I’ve made. He’s not rigged yet because I want suggestions before I start rigging him so I can make changes.

Thanks / foCus

First off…he’s a dragon but his ears are to puppyish.

Also, maybe claws, and he would look better with a mean face :<

yeah … claws are going to be added but I like how he’s looking now so he wont get a mean face;) It’s not what I’m aiming for.

here’s a concept sketch.

I think that a tiny tail would fit better. There also could be scales Godzilla -style in the back. Check out for reference.

I like the ears. In your concept sketch you see the haunches drawn correctly but this is missing from your model – the legs just sort of go directly into the stomach. I would also give the arms a little shape and add a touch more of shoulder. Without the haunches and shoulder the animation will look funny. Ankle needs a little work. Head is perfect :smiley:


Thanks BeBraw and GreyBeard for your replies.

BeBraw: you’re right, the tail was too long so I’ve shorten it now. The scales… hmm maybe;)

Greybeard: I’ll look into all you said. Thanks.

here’s a closeup on the head.

He looks a little bit like Nisse in that last shot.

heh Boder. Well he has got Nisses eyes :wink:

little update:

let me know what you think.

looks really good. Seems to me, though, that the arms need to taper more like the legs. They shouldn’t be as thick at the shoulders as the legs are at the hips, but I’d make them thicker than you’ve got them. That will help them look like they belong to the rest of the Dragon a little more.

I agree. The arms need to be thicker. Otherwise you’ve got a “cute” thing going on in there.

I don’t think the arms need to be thicker, but perhaps a little bulge for the sholders. Although I like it just how it is now.

Maybe give him more tear drop shaped eyes instead of the perfectly round ones. Toons classic is tear drop shaped. Nice work so far. Looks pretty sweet. I am not a fan of the ray shadows that look like sandpaper, it throws the whole thing off.

Thank you all for the replies.

I want him “cute” :wink: so I think I’ll stick with the arms… Maybe make them just a little bit bigger.

Yeah I was planning to give the eyes more shape with rvk’s which is not yet added :slight_smile: And I am not fond of the amb occ. Don’t know why I got it, just fooling around.

Thanks, more updates to come.

Enriq766 now the sandpaper’s gone :wink: