New Character for animation

Just started on him. Im using the CVS release. So i can use hooks for facial animation C&C as usual.

and if it doesnt work go here.

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Heres what I see.It seems that you still have alot of things to do.His nose is huge and he has a biter beer face lol (no lips).And his hands look deformed.And his chest and cloths seem to need more detial.But he is looking ok at the moment.What is the CVS release?And hooks,that would be great were could I find info on that¿

i need to work on the face. His nose is supposed to be like that. And the low detail close are purposeful. He is gonna be a very cartoony character.

Here is that test release i spoke of.It will soon be replace by 2.35. hook are emptys which are added in edit mode to selected vertices. In object mode u can move the empties which in turn move the vertices. There are also new select modes. They are located to the right of the layer buttons


and for other OS